Rationing Bag Machine for Powder Packing Factory (JA-50GD)

Model NO.: JA-50GD
Origin: Foshan, Guangdong, China
HS Code: 8501101000
Rationing Bag Machine for Powder Packing Factory (JA-50GD)


1,The machine designed for bag packaging machine.

2,Servo motor and servo drive control the screw.

3,All 304 stainless steel construction.

4,Equipped with a high degree of adjustment hand wheel, easy to adjust the whole height.

5,Change screw attached,suitable fine powder and micro granule material measure.
6,Servo motor-driven screw connected to the rod,electric control box to the bag machine signal.

Equipment Diagram
                   Rationing Bag Machine for Powder Packing Factory (JA-50GD)


          Feeding  bag packaging machine takes place of manual packaging, the packaging automation for large enterprises, small and medium scale enterprises, as long as the operator will do a good job in a bag, disposable bag in the bag will be hundreds of equipment, mechanical equipment will automatically take grab bag, print date, open the bag to signal measuring and metering device, feed, sealing, output. Customers can also add detailed functions such as door opening, emergency stop, auto throw card and abnormal discharge according to product packaging needs. No manual work is needed in the whole process of packaging, which effectively improves production efficiency, saves labor cost and management cost, and greatly reduces cost.   
Technical Parameter             

                                     Rationing Bag Machine for Powder Packing Factory (JA-50GD)
                     Rationing Bag Machine for Powder Packing Factory (JA-50GD)            All Kinds Of Screw

                               Rationing Bag Machine for Powder Packing Factory (JA-50GD)
Equipment Brand
Name Brand Country
Servo Motor Schneider France
Servo Driver Schneider France
Material Photoelectric Sensor Autonics Korea
Mixing Motor YK TaiWan,China
PLC Mitsubishi Japan
Frequency Changer Yatai ShangHai,China
Color Label Optoelectronic Beideli TaiWan,China
Temperature control meter Yatai ShangHai,China
Transverse sealing cylinder Airtac TaiWan,China
Longitudinal sealing cylinder Airtac TaiWan,China
Cutting knife cylinder Airtac TaiWan,China
Electromagnetic valve Airtac TaiWan,China
Triplet Airtac TaiWan,China
Auxiliary relay Omron Japan
Solid-state relay Schneider France
Push button stop switch Schneider France
Start button Schneider France
Stop button Schneider France
Film closing switch SHFG ShangHai,China
Square close switch SHFG ShangHai,China
Film discharging motor JiangSheng GuangDong,China
Optional Supporting Equipment
Rationing Bag Machine for Powder Packing Factory (JA-50GD)
About JieAo

           FoShan JieAo Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is the highest cost performance company in China for the field of screw dosing machine. JieAo has focused on the design and manufacture for powder dosing, screw feeding and the material transfer for more than 15 years. JieAo has more than 20 models for screw dosing machines and vibrating screw feeders. We focus on sub-supplying the vertical packaging machine, bags packaging machine, oriental packaging machine and all kinds can filling machine for powder to the packaging machinery manufacture. Our equipment is widly used in the field of food, chemical, agricultural chemical, daily used chemical and metallurgy.
        " JieAo" packing machines have been inspected by national authorities as safe-quality products .In 2006.it has been approved by IS09001:2000 with its advanced design,precise manufacturing.Stable performance and convenient operation. "JieAo" is undergoing ceaseless development in the competitive market and now has its sales and service cover more than 10 countries in south- America,Southeast Asia, Europe and Middle East.Later in 2006,the company has also obtained" CE",which assures our products to take up a part of the market share in European Union. 

CE Certificate
Rationing Bag Machine for Powder Packing Factory (JA-50GD)


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