Contact angle measuring instrument

Contact angle measuring instrument / video contact angle measuring instrument MHY-26810 Our contact angle measuring instrument series is mainly used to measure the wettability of liquid to solid. By measuring the contact angle of liquid to solid, calculating and measuring the free energy of liquid That is, liquid adhesion to solids, tension and other indicators, the instrument can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, dyes and other fields for scientific research and teaching, our company can also provide different functional equipment according to user needs . This product uses computer and industrial digital cameras to capture images, analyze images, and analyze reports for saving, reading, and printing. The main technical parameters: 1. Zoom: 0.7 ~ 4.5 times; 2. With adjustable backlight plane parallel light source, to ensure high image clarity, no distortion; 3. Measurement method: angle method, high method, 4. Can be arbitrary Set the time for collecting images, manually or periodically collect images; 5. The stage can be moved in three dimensions to achieve multiple tests on one sample; 6. The titrator can be adjusted up and down 35mm, and the titration is convenient; 7 Image capture with industrial digital camera, continuous zoom, continuous adjustment of image brightness, high image clarity, improved accuracy and accuracy of measurement data, contact angle test range: 0.1 ° to 1808. The image acquisition card is easy to install and easy to use. The instrument uses a system suitable for any version above WINDOWS98. The system is very user-friendly, easy to operate, easy to test, with test reports, test reports can be saved, read and printed; Testable sample: 100 × 100 × 12.5mm, the sample can be measured for sheets or profiles. . 10. It can generate experimental reports, which can be saved, read and printed. Specific application areas: 1. Determination and research on wettability between nano materials and different active agents; 2. Attachment between ink, metal and paper in printing industry Focus on; 3, the degree of bonding between the adhesive and the solid; 4, the aerospace industry air rain and fog on the aircraft substrate wetness detection; 5, military science in the detection of the contact angle of the shrapnel in the air and rain; 6, oil exploitation In the process, the additive is injected with the solidification angle of the solid in the crude oil, and the receding angle is measured. 7. During the metal welding process, the adhesion of the flux to the metal is detected; 8. The determination of the hydrophilic angle of the aluminum foil; product configuration: (1) The host 1. Continuous zoom lens: 0.7x-4.5x, line square field of view φ18mm2. Measurement angle: 1 Angle method: ±1°2 Height method: ±0.5°3. Object image field of view: φ25.7—φ4.0mm4 Workbench moving range: Move up and down: ≥60mm Move left and right: ≥70mm Move back and forth: ≥30mm5. Dropper movement range: Move up and down: ≥1000mm or so: ≥1000mm6. Sony CCD lens: PAL: 512 (H) × 582 (V) pixel 420 line 7. The brightness of the light source is continuously adjustable 8. Power: ~220V 50HZ 3A9. Instrument Dimensions: 580 (length) × 240 (width) × 620 (high) 10. Temperature range: Type A: Normal temperature, Type B: Normal temperature - 180 °C

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