How to add freon to air conditioning? How much is air conditioning plus freon?

During the use of air conditioners, once the Freon becomes less, the air conditioner can not play the role of refrigeration. Freon plays an important role in the process of air conditioning and refrigeration. How long does the air conditioner Freon add once? How to add freon to air conditioning ? How much is air conditioning plus freon ? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will give you an answer one by one, everyone should pay special attention when adding Freon.


How long does the air conditioning Freon add?

Many people say that Freon needs to be added once a year. There is no factual basis. As long as the air conditioner is sufficiently sealed, no matter how long the air conditioner is used, it does not need to add Freon, and the cooling effect is also very good. Therefore, the owner should not blindly listen to the statement of one year plus one when giving air conditioners to Freon. This is extremely unscientific. The addition of Freon to air conditioners requires a professional to check the Freon content before it can be determined.


How to add freon to air conditioning ?

When adding Freon to the air conditioner, first open the bottle containing the Freon, and let the Freon in the bottle slowly flow out, then quickly connect the fluorine tube to the air conditioning fluoride port and tighten it. The freon in the fluorine bottle will flow into the air conditioner. Detailed air conditioning Freon process:

1, the air conditioning turned on, so that air conditioner up and running, add Freon in air conditioning and refrigeration state;

2, the air conditioner find the Freon addition port, air conditioning Freon addition port of the air conditioner is generally in the thick pipe, the air conditioner at low pressure;

3. Unscrew the nut on the air conditioner, connect the fluorine tube, and open the bottle at the same time. At this time, the freon in the fluorine bottle will enter the air conditioner;

4 , in the air conditioning and cooling state, add fluorine as long as 4MPa , that is, 4 pressure can be.


How much is air conditioning plus freon ?

Generally, the price of Freon added to the hanging air conditioner is 120 yuan, but sometimes the price of Freon added to the air conditioner is different because of the difference of the air conditioner brand. The price of adding Freon to the air conditioner in the store is generally between 100-120 yuan. Adding Freon prices to air conditioners in private stores may be a bit cheaper, but it's best to find Freon in a professional store.

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