What materials are good for basketball court grounds

Nowadays, people go to the gym to exercise more and more times, which shows that the era of national exercise is coming. In the past, sports venues mainly used wooden floors, but their high price, water resistance, easy cracking, no wear resistance, and short use time were gradually eliminated by people. The ground material of the gymnasium gradually introduces a new type of plastic sports floor, plastic floor, this kind of floor is cheap, wear-resistant, non-slip, waterproof, good elasticity, and fire prevention, so it has won many markets once it is launched. So what materials are good on the ground of the basketball court? What are the practices of the ground on the indoor basketball court ?

Basketball court ground practices

1. PU glossy (hybrid) plastic basketball court is made of polyurethane and black rubber particles, and the thickness is 6mm. The bottom layer (4mm) is made of polyurethane (PU) and black rubber particles; the surface layer (2mm) is composed of the main course material and topcoat. Can be paved with cement or asphalt foundation.

Its main features are: good elasticity, wear resistance, low-cost maintenance costs, easy paving, suitable for all types of courts.

2. The color of PU glossy (composite) plastic basketball court is mainly iron red and green, or according to user needs, the thickness is 4-10mm.

Its main features are: suitable elasticity, high safety, good anti-skid performance, low ground reflectivity, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, long service life, all-weather use, excellent flatness, bright colors, dustproof, maintenance Easy maintenance and beautification of the entire environment.

3. PU glossy (full plastic) plastic basketball court is bonded with adhesive, with a total thickness of 4mm, which can be paved on the basis of cement and asphalt.

Its main features are: anti-ultraviolet rays, effective to avoid sports injuries, strong elastic layer and buffer layer, anti-nail shoes wear, moderate hardness, good wear resistance. Easy to pave. Suitable for all kinds of tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts and a variety of plane sports venues.

4. EPDM plane breathable plastic basketball court is made of high-strength, high-elasticity, strong UV-resistant EPDM particles mixed with a certain proportion of single-component glue, paved and compacted directly on the concrete or asphalt basis. It has a long service life, elasticity and dynamic design features. The bottom layer is mixed with special adhesive particles in a controlled proportion by a polyurethane adhesive, and then laid by a professional construction machine to control the thickness.

5. Silicon PU (SPU) basketball court is a national patent court material with multi-functional sportiness and construction advantages. Through modified silicon elastic particles and other technologies, the PU material can be directly constructed on the concrete floor. And there will be no cracking and blistering. At the same time, it has the excellent characteristics of conventional PU and acrylic. It is the best choice for sports projects. Golf green design, golf green construction, golf course construction, artificial turf golf, golf green lawn, golf artificial green, golf green grass, mini golf green, golf green construction, artificial golf green, golf course Greens, golf greens.

6. The thickness of the elastic acrylic basketball court layer is 3-5mm, which can be applied to the asphalt base or high-quality concrete base. The main features are:

â‘ , composed of 100% acrylic material and special polymer rubber particles, has excellent toughness, and can cover the small cracks caused by the foundation;

â‘¡, has excellent shock absorption performance, reduce the shock of the players' feet and legs (especially suitable for non-professional players and leisure entertainment);

â‘¢, has a strong anti-UV performance, can be used in indoor and outdoor venues;

â‘£, suitable for various climatic conditions, long service life;

⑤, can provide a variety of elastic levels for selection;

â‘¥ Low cost.

⑦ Various colors, pure color, long-lasting color.

7. Hard ground acrylic basketball surface layer thickness is 1.2-1.8mm, which can be applied to asphalt base layer. Its main features are:

â‘ . The basketball court special coating is made of 100% high-grade acrylic material, non-toxic and non-asbestos. It is an environmentally friendly surface material;

â‘¡, suitable for various climate environments, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, the color will not fade for a long time;

â‘¢, Long service life, the service life can reach 3-8 years (the specific situation depends on the site foundation quality and construction quality);

â‘£ Convenient maintenance;

⑤ The performance-price ratio is extremely competitive;

â‘¥ Compared with the elastic surface layer, the hard surface acrylic surface layer has relatively high requirements for the flatness of the site due to its thickness.

What materials are good for the ground of a basketball court

As units at all levels have increased their investment in the construction of sports facilities, many basketball courts have been transformed from ordinary cement to professional basketball courts with different colors. The needs and budgets of each customer are different. There are three types of acrylic basketball courts, silicon PU basketball courts, and EPDM plastic basketball courts.

1. The material of acrylic basketball court is bright, and there are many colors to choose from. It is suitable for various climatic environments, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, and lasts forever. After the construction of the basketball court, under normal circumstances, the life span is 3-8 years or longer, solid and durable, and the specific life span is related to the basic quality. The basketball court made of acrylic material can be repainted on the original surface layer, and it will not fall off. The later maintenance is convenient and simple, and the ground can be cleaned and cleaned with pressure water spray to clean the ground.

2. For EPDM plastic basketball courts, the bottom layer is mixed with special adhesive particles in a controlled proportion by polyurethane adhesives, and then laid by a professional construction machine to control the thickness.

3. Silicon PU basketball court can ensure the appearance and structure characteristics are stable for a long time, good wear resistance, can meet the needs of long-term high frequency of use, tough, dense, not easy to be scratched by soles or other hard objects.

Editor's summary: Regarding what materials are good on the basketball court ground and the relevant information on the indoor basketball court ground practices, I have introduced you here. I hope this article will help everyone. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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