Green printing: "carbon footprint" and new trends in green printing


After understanding some of the common sense that domestic printing companies are implementing green printing , let us look further and take a look at the future development of green printing. What are the new trends?

Carbon footprint: In the international arena, the evaluation and certification of green printing in most countries adopts the “carbon footprint” evaluation as a reference indicator.

What is the carbon footprint? It is the impact of one's energy consciousness and behavior on the natural world. It also refers to the “carbon consumption” of individuals or enterprises.

Carbon is a natural resource composed of carbon, such as oil, coal, and wood. Carbon consumption is much higher, and the culprit that causes global warming is also much more carbon dioxide. Usually carbon emissions are expressed in terms of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

Evaluation of carbon footprint: In Europe, green printing actions in various countries are closely related to their carbon dioxide emissions, and their certification is mainly based on carbon dioxide emissions. Studies have shown that in the implementation of green printing certification and strategy in European countries, the evaluation of carbon footprint is its main method and entry point.

In July 2013, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published the latest standard ISO 16759 “Calc footprint calculation and exchange of printed media products” developed by its Printing Technical Committee (ISO/TC130), which proposes the calculation of carbon emissions from printed products. Specifications and requirements.

The ISO 16759 standard provides services to prepress service providers, printing companies, print service providers, publishers and other affiliates. The standard has a carbon footprint calculation framework that can be tailored to specific industry sectors or geographies. As long as the framework approach outlined in ISO 16759 is followed, the printing industry will be able to track its achievements in reducing carbon footprint for different printed products such as newspapers, magazines or books.

Regardless of the printing method, workflow, operating cycle, media type, ink, or post-press process, the ISO 16759 standard accurately reflects their differences.

The ISO 16759 standard provides a means to quantify, communicate and report on the carbon footprint of the print media, and it is also a means of continually focusing on the changes in the printed carbon footprint. This will increase recognition of the printing industry's work in managing the reduction of carbon footprint. We can judge these similar products through the carbon footprint of different printed products, so the test data will help the customer's investment decision. Of course, these data will also provide definite support for the sustainable development of printing companies.

Perhaps, in the future, green printing in China, we must also refer to the evaluation criteria of these carbon footprints.

The printing industry and its upstream and downstream enterprises actively implement green printing, which is not only the need for sustainable development of the country and the industry, but also the social responsibility and obligation of each enterprise. International and domestic trends indicate that implementing green printing is good for society, good for business, and good for employees.

Although the printing industry is not a big polluter, we still have to take this responsibility to benefit the present and benefit our children and grandchildren. In the following common sense sharing course, we will share some practical experience with you from the application level, and welcome to continue to pay attention.

(This article refers to the deputy secretary-general of China Printing Technology Association, Hu Guimian, secretary general of the National Printing Standardization Technical Committee, at the 2015 National Printing and Copying Training Course)

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