Outdoor enthusiasts must: Drone Sprite in 3D printed backpack

A company called Ascent AeroSystems has launched a very portable and rugged drone Sprite that is ideal for backpackers, mountain climbers and other outdoor sports.

Ascent AeroSystems was founded by three outdoor sports enthusiasts in Connecticut, Jon, Nate and Peter. These three partners have forty years (plus) combined experience in aerospace engineering, commercial and aircraft models. Based on the common love of outdoor sports, the three were inspired to develop this space-saving drone that fits in a backpack.

In order to obtain the satisfactory design of the first-generation Sprite drone, three people used a 3D printer to create a series of prototypes, which were repeatedly tested, modified, retested, and modified. The focus of the three tests was on accuracy and durability.

Sprite's original design was a portable drone that could fly on the heads of field players and navigate through a GPS-based auto-navigation program to take aerial shots of possible obstacles ahead. But after repeated tests and prototypes, Sprite has become a more sophisticated 1080P HD video stabilized recorder with a first-person perspective, waypoint navigation, and the ability to follow the user. When used with a dedicated app, the user can even map the path that the Sprite needs to pass through the smart device and use it to map the specified area.

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