Single dog? NO 5 home feng shui small changes help you "light off"

[ China Wardrobe ] Two days ago, I saw someone laughing on the Internet: "The year when the milk tea sister fired, you were single. In the year when Daihua sister and Liu Qiangdong fell in love, you are still single. Now the tea sister is pregnant. You are still single. Clearly after 90, do you want a gap so big?"

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The 2015 Tmall Double 11 Carnival ended with a turnover of 91.217 billion yuan, setting a new record high. Ali’s helm, Ma Yun, even released his words, targeting 200 billion next year. As a single dog, did you do another trick? Party??

The Singles Day has passed, have you been stripped off for the Singles Day this year? Give you a few tips for the home feng shui layout of the peach blossoms, maybe you will really get rid of the light.

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1, in the living room as much as possible not superimposed too much items, this is not good for their own love magnetic field, will suppress the individual peach blossom fortune. The east or the west of the home is usually a peach blossom. If there are unfavorable peach blossoms in this position, it will suppress your love fortune, such as thorny plants, heavy furniture.

2, the space color of the room, if based on cool or dark color, will suppress their love and peach blossoms, so if you want to have a good fortune, it is recommended that the remaining women use the bright warm colors to dress up the beautiful home. In addition, the floor in the living room and the kitchen space must be kept clean and tidy.

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