Eco-home board: green environmental quality, good color and more

The artisan eco-home board, also known as "melamine board", refers to the substrate used in the middle is multi-layer solid wood ( plywood ) , blockboard ( such as Malacca, Chinese fir, paulownia, poplar, etc. ) , with different The color or texture of the melamine paper is soaked in the resin, dried to a certain degree of solidification, and laid on the surface of the particle board, the large core board, and the hot-pressed decorative board. Mainly used in furniture, cabinet wardrobes, bathroom cabinets and other fields.

Advantages of the ecological board:

The fine artisan eco-home board has a surface layer paint, the core material is stable and environmentally friendly, and the overall performance of the time is healthy, not only saves money, but also saves effort and effort, personality and fashion, and becomes the king of the cost-effective furniture board.

1, the surface appearance - multi-color fashion Texture

The artisan eco-home board is made of high-quality environmentally-friendly decorative paper. The texture is clear and natural, the color is fresh and full, and it is scratch-resistant and wearable. It not only has excellent anti-UV and anti-fading aging ability, but also has more than 100 styles and personalization. Customized to meet your unique fashion pricing, from now on.

2 , convenient construction - paint-free finish construction fast

Fine art craftsman ecological home board, selected "fine art craftsman" high-quality green environmental protection substrate, excellent performance, stronger nail holding power, good load-bearing performance, you can also design your own style, edge-sealing assembly, convenient , free to disassemble.

3 , ecological and environmental protection - green environmental protection substrate quality is good

The fine artisan eco-home board, selected "fine art craftsman" high-quality blockboard environmental protection substrate, excellent performance, stronger nail holding power, and better quality of the furniture produced. At the same time, its ultra-low formaldehyde emission, the product fully meets the national E0 environmental protection standards. The artisan eco-home board meets the most stringent Japanese F4 star standard (≤ 0.3mg/L ) in the world. It is a true original plate product, which guarantees the health of your family.

4 , cost-effective - cheap and real province

The fine artisan eco-home board, excellent quality and ultra-low construction cost, bring infinite possibilities for your perfect home life, create a happy and beautiful artisan "ecological home"!

Natural Rocks Specimen

Cinnabar also called zinnober. Because the ancient Chenzhou (now Yuanling) produced by called cinnabar. In fact, this does not produce Chenzhou cinnabar, but cinnabar distribution center! Its origin concentrated in Guizhou Tongren, Wan Hill. Mainly used in military industry, scientific instruments, folk also large amounts used in architectural decoration, Buddhism, funeral and other industries. Such as: paint additives, Marine coatings, inkpad, dyes, pigments, painting, calligraphy, decorations, gifts, handicrafts, cosmetics, collection, funeral, buddhist supplies, buddhist scriptures made etc.

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