Anyang City uses 3D printing technology to make prostheses for the first time

Recently, the Third People's Hospital of Anyang City successfully used 3D printing technology to successfully create a 3D printing artificial hand for a patient. This is the first case in Anyang that uses 3D technology to print prostheses.

Patient Fu Junlin was a corn harvester driver who was accidentally injured by the harvester during work, resulting in amputation of four fingers in his right hand. At the recommendation of Linzhou local hospital, I came to the Third People's Hospital for treatment. After the consultation, the Third People's Hospital of the city decided to use 3D printing technology to recreate the fake hands for patients. The material for the custom-made 3D printed prosthetic is a corn extract called polylactic acid, which is harmless to the human body. The principle of use is to use the active force of the wrist joint and the hand joint to drive the prosthetic rubber band so that the fingers can grasp the object.

Zhang Yongfei, the chief physician of the Department of Orthopaedics, the Third People's Hospital of Anyang City, said: "The first time I gave him a model to wear him to see what happened. This is a good fit for most of the wear, but there is a problem, the flap is swollen. The edema has not been completely eliminated. It is necessary to wait until the second wear after the elimination. It may be more consistent and the function will be ideal."

8QT Ice Bucket

8QT Ice Bucket:

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8QT Ice bucket

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