How to maintain the leather sofa in daily life

【Abstract】The sofa is the main part of the modern living room furniture, and it is used very frequently, so it is inevitable that people care, especially the leather sofa, because of its high price, and can show the living taste of the living room owner to a certain extent, but If the maintenance is not proper, it will accelerate the aging of the leather sofa. It is recommended to start the maintenance of the leather sofa from the following aspects: Ai Ruisi furniture

1, in order to avoid loss of elasticity or cracking of the leather cortex, should avoid placing the sofa in direct sunlight; 2, the leather sofa should be kept away from high temperature in winter, which will make the leather surface hard; 3, usually every 10-15 days Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside and outside of the sofa and the gap. The room should be ventilated frequently. Too much moisture and dryness will accelerate the aging of the leather. 4. Always pay attention not to place sharp sharp objects in the pocket to avoid scratches on the sofa. After sitting for a long time, you should always pat the seat and the edges to restore the original shape, so as to avoid the slight depression caused by mechanical fatigue due to the concentration of the sitting force.

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