Which wooden door brand is better? Consumers like these

The decoration of a house generally requires the purchase of three to four wooden doors. This number is still quite large, so the selection of wooden doors is a very important thing. When purchasing, you must be careful. Choose a reliable wooden door brand , and then target The specific products are selected. Today, I have summarized a wooden door brand that is popular among consumers (in no particular order). I hope to give you a reference when buying wooden doors.

Wooden door brand

Oupai wooden doors are a sub-series of Oupai wooden doors. Oupai wooden doors are divided into three series of distinguished, classic and fashionable. There are about 150 style products. The product design style is mainly simple European, including simple European, modern, new Classical and other different styles, the European wooden door hardware adopts German Häfele and Eisenman locks, the hinge adopts Koblenz three-dimensional hidden hinge, the door core material adopts the original imported German Sauerland bridge dynamics board, and the paint China Resources environmental protection paint, the selection of main raw materials reaches the European standard E1 environmental protection standard.

Wooden door brand beauty heart wooden door

Based on the production and sales of wooden doors, wooden crafts, and wooden furniture, Maxim's wooden doors develop a "one-stop" service for home improvement wooden products, a "multi-industry coexisting" production pattern, and concentrate on interpreting the new concept of wood art. Govern the wood and make the door, the best is the structure, the heart, the art. "Thousands of cents exist in one mind" "Mind" is the "core" of the internal structure of the product, as well as the intention of making doors and serving the customers. The design of the product is a combination of Chinese and Western, elegant and fashionable, distinguished and chic artistic style and cultural temperament. In the production, it combines modern technology production, natural properties of wood and high-quality life pursuit to perfectly interpret the ideal human settlement.

Wooden door brand dream day wooden door

Mengtian owns two major production bases, Qingyuan and Jiashan. These two production bases have consolidated Mengtian's leading market share at home and abroad. After years of hard work, it has established close strategic cooperative relations with the world's largest wooden door marketing companies Wolseley, NCC, Masonite, OREPAC, and Home Depot. It has established more than 200 specialty stores in domestic large and medium-sized cities, and has established strategic partnerships with ten famous real estate companies such as Evergrande Real Estate, Vanke Real Estate, Wanda Real Estate and Landsea Real Estate.

Jindi Wooden Door

Since its birth in 1986, Jindi wooden doors have led the fashion life with classic design. For more than 30 years, it has continuously pushed the limits and insisted on integrating design, technology and art into each product, whether it is design according to the characteristics of materials, seamless integration of innovative technology with traditional craftsmanship, or integrating art into daily life. This enterprise has high standards and high quality. Each Jindi wooden door is an exquisite artwork; each Jindi wooden door confirms your constant pursuit of fashionable life.

Wooden door brand of TATA wooden door

TATA products are always known for their "simple and stylish" style, advocating the idea of ​​creating aesthetics first and creating products second, and are committed to changing the backward decoration industry, advocating aesthetic and scientific living environment. Today, with sales outlets in more than 600 cities across the country, more than 1,200 stores, and an online mall, TATA is also the first manufacturer to propose a five-year warranty and lifetime maintenance-free. So no matter where you are, you can enjoy the most intimate service that TATA brings to you.

Wooden door brand

Kaiyang Wooden Door, originated from Shanghai, is affiliated to Zhejiang Kaiyang Door Industry Co., Ltd. It is a large wooden door enterprise integrating product development, production, sales and service. Kaiyang Wooden Door is deeply loved by consumers with its brand image of fashion, exquisiteness and simplicity. It is committed to creating exquisite and fashionable wooden doors and wall panels with the best cost performance. It has 2 production bases in Zhejiang and Jilin and nearly 300 sales outlets nationwide. The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and EU CE certification, FSC certification. It has won many honors such as the favorite brands on the Internet, the top ten brands of Chinese wooden doors, the vice-chairman unit of the Chinese Wooden Door Association, and the top 30 Chinese wooden door companies.

Huahe Wooden Door

Huahe Wooden Door has introduced the world-leading professional production line and technology of panel furniture, solid wood furniture, dining tables and chairs, wooden doors from Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries. "Classical", "Rongting-European modern" "Milana" series of wooden door products, and "Boya home", "Athens · home", "simple life" and other series of furniture products. It has been rated as the most popular furniture and wooden door brand for many years.

The hope of the wooden door brand

36 years ago, a township metal product factory started production in 12 grass houses in Yingkou, Liaoning, and the future "generation door king" was born; 27 years ago, the gold panda "Panpan" ran at the Asian Games and was auspicious "Panpan" met a warm home, and a legend started. 25 years ago, the "Panpan" brand was born with the founder's expectations for a warm and peaceful family life, and was rated as a Chinese famous brand and a well-known Chinese. Trademark; Panpan Group has also stood at the highest point in the door industry in China, and has rapidly grown into a leading domestic manufacturer of modern door products. Logo

Wooden door brand of Shimufang wooden door

In terms of product production technology, Shimufang has introduced advanced domestic and foreign professional production lines and process technologies for wooden doors. It has successively developed patented products such as solid wood doors and bamboo doors with independent intellectual property rights. The products have passed ISO9001 international quality certification and have been evaluated. For China's green and environmentally friendly products, and products that consumers are satisfied with all over the country.

Summary: After reading so much information about the wooden door brand , everyone has a deeper understanding of the wooden door. If you are about to buy the wooden door, you may choose one of the above brands and then go to the physical store for specific products.

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