[Imperial recommendation] LASPORTIVA Italy's top professional neutral walking shoes 439 yuan

LASPORTIVA Italy's top professional neutral walking shoes, European style design, suitable for outdoor travel, outdoor photography enthusiasts daily wear, breathable leather, toe protection toe rubber. Wear-resistant outsole automatic mud removal system. Wide design for Asian feet. The insole is antibacterial and has an antibacterial performance of 99%.

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Seven plus two friends mall now buys activities, the original price of 1080, now 4.2 fold group purchase price of 449, the order is reduced by 10 yuan, the final payment of 439 yuan. The collection of blue and brown is optional, the number is complete, and you may wish to consider starting it. The deadline for group purchase is 10:00 am on March 17th, Beijing time.

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Purchase Portal: http://tuan.7jia2.com/goods-4304.html

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