The rendering of the American restaurant with integrated ceiling

There are many ceiling styles of the character integrated ceiling, which can meet the requirements of all consumers for the ceiling style. The editor of this article takes you to appreciate the decoration effect picture of the American restaurant in the character integrated ceiling. Take a look at which effect picture may evoke your restaurant ceiling decoration desire.

Character integrated ceiling effect picture one:

A luxurious style is on the way, exquisite classic small chandelier is a common element of American style, beautiful and practical. The hollow pattern of the backrest of the dining chair matches the texture of the carpet, and the hollowing out of the dining table corner is also particularly beautiful. The white columns in the corners all reflect its magnificence.

Character integrated ceiling effect picture two:

The interlaced patchwork of the wooden floor breaks the traditional way of paving and enhances its aesthetics. Softly matched with gray wallpaper, the use of a small round table creates a good dining atmosphere. The decorative wall clock on the background wall has a rustic atmosphere, while the round ceiling design also enhances the overall sense of space.

Figure 3 of the character integrated ceiling:

The decoration design of the duplex building can always bring unexpected surprises. The whole design is mainly warm yellow, the room is filled with this warm taste, and the solid wood dining table and chairs are also a manifestation of temperament.

Figure 4 of the character integrated ceiling:

The polygonal ceiling also enhances the overall aesthetics. Potted plants and green curtains inject vitality into the restaurant. The frame design of the restaurant mirror is exquisite. The entire space is luxurious and luxurious, revealing a harmonious dining atmosphere.

Figure 5 of the character integrated ceiling:

The rectangular dining table is also a manifestation of luxury temperament. The wooden chair cushions are designed with soft bags to make dining more comfortable. The warm yellow floral wallpaper and the carpet are cleverly matched, and the dining area is designed with lounge chairs, which also makes the entire space atmosphere relaxed.

Reminder: See the information on this website for more renderings of the integrated ceiling.

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