Home online shopping, more black curtain wardrobe consumers need to understand and then shot

[ China Wardrobe ] This year's "Double Eleven" 57.1 billion yuan turnover has made all walks of life relish, and the home building materials industry has also achieved good results. However, according to informed sources, home online shopping has a black curtain on quality prices and product orders, and consumers should be cautious when shopping online.

Online shopping shady

Home online shopping and more shady wardrobe consumers need to understand and then shot

The quality of the price is shady

All along, the low-cost Tmall "Double 11" quickly attracts many of the most critical factors for many consumers, but in the "Double 11" can really grab the cheap and buy at less than 50% off the price? According to informed sources The final transaction price of “Double 11” is 10% of the lowest transaction price in the 57 days from September 15 to November 10, instead of the so-called “lowest price of the year”, which may not be the “lowest price in history”. For example, a product of a home furnishing brand is priced at 1980 yuan from October 24th to November 8th, and suddenly raised at 4980 yuan on November 10th before the arrival of "Double 11", November On the 11th, the price was lowered to 2,380 yuan, which was less than 50%. After November 12, the price rose slightly to 2,480 yuan. From this point of view, consumers are not as good valued as the "double 11" snapped up goods, the price will be raised first and then discounted, and even the final price is more expensive than the original, this black curtain in this "double 11 "There is no case in the event.

It is understood that some manufacturers' online products are not the same as offline products. They are customized for online sales. The prices cannot be compared. Some look exactly the same but the materials are different. The quality is naturally different. It is also a big brand, low. The price may be bought inferior goods. A person in charge of the solid wood furniture brand, who asked not to be named, revealed that a certain brand in Beijing has a specialty store in a well-known store. The “Double 11” Tmall flagship store has the same product, and the price difference is very large. The secret is online. It is board wood, and the line is solid wood. After the complaint was filed, the brand held a national distributor conference overnight, emphasizing that the terminal salesperson must not give consumers the difference between online and offline products. It is really impossible to use "don't know" to answer. The "low price" at the expense of product quality is more deceptive than raising the price of the product. This kind of shady is more deceptive.

There is a shady on the product order

The first is to brush the list. The so-called brush order refers to a way to increase sales by man-made online order. In the past, Tmall "Double 11" activities, the way to brush the bill is mainly the manufacturers to mobilize the staff brush and the national dealers to operate, limited ability and a little careless easy to be found, this year many merchants will give this kind of brushing behavior to A professional brush company, it can be said that the brush is not known. As early as the "Double 11" more than a month ago, the major single-single alliance has been active in various social platforms, recruiting part-time job preparation for the "double 11" big sweep. It is understood that these brush-single alliances are large in scale and well-organized. They will undergo professional training before they officially go to work. They have strict requirements for browsing the baby for a few minutes, at least browsing a few treasures, collecting red envelopes, and chatting with customer service. The sales and praises that are brushed out are very realistic.

Followed by the bill. There is still a big shame in the “Double 11” home industry, that is, those sales that look beautiful are actually accumulated through the singularity. As we all know, "Double 11" sales are calculated within 24 hours of November 11th, and everyone is vying for the volume and sales of the day. It is understood that many home furnishing brands in this year in order to surge the performance of this day, as early as a month ago launched a nationwide offline store to pick up the list, unified on November 11th through the online order, and promised to give The price is cheaper. Such a single order, the "double 11" sales of this day mixed with a lot of water, resulting in sales data is not true. This year, Tmall set a few data statistics for the "Double 11" event. There was a brand that didn't make a difference throughout the day. At 18 o'clock, the sales suddenly came up, probably because of the order.

For these shady behaviors, some formal business home businesses are not shameful. The chairman of a brand wardrobe said that he is resolutely opposed to fraudulent behaviors such as swiping orders. He said that the water injection sales through false transactions have little value and significance to the industry and consumers, and will only cause the industry to enter a vicious circle and undermine the Internet of the entire industry. process. In the process of online shopping for wardrobes, consumers also need to understand these black screens first, so as to avoid damage to their rights and interests.

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