Private custom era: personal education studio into a new favorite for profit

Private custom era: personal education studio into a new darling of profit Date:2014-11-18 10:26

Nowadays, it is a service-oriented consumer era. With the rapid improvement of the material level of people's lives, there has been a deeper quest for quality and service quality. In the past 20 years, the fitness industry has been booming in China. With the integration of domestic and international sports, fitness projects in the fitness industry have also been updated. There are a wide variety of fitness groups and the number of people is increasing. With the increasing popularity of gymnasium, the flow of people is too large. For some quality-conscious consumers, the gym has not been able to meet their needs. The emergence of private fitness studios is a good complement to this market demand.

Personal education studios gradually become the new darling of profit

Today, there are a few high-spending consumers in China, and there is a widespread demand for high-quality, high-quality services. According to market research, 82% of people in first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai with annual incomes of more than 1 million yuan need private health services, and 89% believe that the country lacks quality private health services. Fitness is a mature industry in some developed countries. Private education is also an indispensable profession. Private education exists like private lawyers and private doctors. In some domestic first-tier and second-tier cities, the private education industry is no longer a luxury. Personal fitness coaches, the upstart, have already paid for the quality of service.

According to relevant information analysis, the annual profit of a large-scale health club is 3% to 5%, while the annual profit of a private education studio has increased 10 times, and can reach 30% to 50%.

Private fitness studio operating model

The successful counterattacks of private fitness studios are inextricably linked to its service model, and its development model has also been recognized by bodybuilders. The biggest advantage of the private education studio is its high privacy, one-on-one coaching, membership model, and appointment period. The private education studio is more flexible than the gym, and it can be based on the needs of fitness enthusiasts to develop safe, scientific, and targeted Sexual training programs help them achieve their established training goals.

There is also a private teaching course in the gym, but the personal education sales in the gym are absorbed by the membership consultants into the store. The manager then arranges the members to private education for secondary sales. The private education and the customers are actually disgusted with this kind of training. Secondary sales, but if the personal training sales at the gym cannot be successful, it means that there is no class time, this form of private education service is too simple; and personal fitness studios are more abundant in the services provided, in addition to one-to-one privacy In addition to better services, small group courses are also designed to be one-to-many. Such interactive courses also avoid fitness that is too boring and boring. At present, some private fitness studios have monthly service items.

One of the most popular personal fitness studios for members is its privacy. The biggest goal of people's fitness in today's society is to lose weight, lose weight, and reduce fat. Such people do not like to exercise in crowded gyms. Private fitness studios provide such a private space. There is no noisy environment. When members do exercises, they can exercise more. One-on-one training can provide better guidance.

Hard conditions in a private fitness studio

According to an analysis of the fitness industry, opening a private fitness studio must have two conditions:

Coach selection criteria + Club management positions.

Coach selection requirements not only have excellent technical qualities, but also have the ability to communicate and communicate with customers. Personal training is not only good enough as long as they have a good-looking body shape and familiarity with the functions of fitness equipment. They need to master a lot of professional knowledge, such as: sports health, sports health, nutrition, sports psychology, education Science, human anatomy, human physiology, aesthetics, and related professional theoretical knowledge, such as: bodybuilding theory and practice, bodybuilding competition rules and refereeing law, and the latest popular fitness courses. Only with a wide range of knowledge and a sound knowledge system can we be able to do a good job in teaching.

It is understood that most of the private fitness studio operators have served in the club as long-term fitness instructors, and club management personnel, have rich coaching and management experience, and have a certain customer appeal, these experiences for the future Service and high-end demand customers are precious.

How much does it cost for a private education studio

In the second and third tier cities, it is not too difficult to open a fitness and personal training studio. Just look for three or five like-minded coaches, each of which will contribute about 100,000 yuan each, and the investment is not large. The personal training studios are usually set up in high-end residential areas, and some will choose residential areas that are far away from the downtown area. The rent is inexpensive and the operating costs are low.

For the private education studios, it is not difficult to survive because they used to be coaches in large clubs and have a certain source of customers. Coupled with the excellent service of the studio and the professional skills of the coaches, certain fitness enthusiasts have been attracted to the surrounding communities.

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