What is an organic mattress? What are the brands of organic mattresses?

The most common mattresses are made up of petroleum-based polyester, nylon and polyurethane (PU) foams (all of which contain volatile organic compounds, especially new mattresses), which are flame retardant (FR) chemicals such as boric acid. Silica gel and phosphate treatment. It is packaged in a barrier cloth made of refractory fibers such as melamine and polyvinylidene chloride.

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Naturepedic Organic Mattress

What is an organic mattress:

• All natural, untreated wool and other animal hair.

• Organic cotton as a packaging material, cover and lining. Organic cotton is not fire resistant, so for consumer safety, cotton is usually wrapped in the wool layer.

• Natural latex, produced from rubber trees, is a better choice than petroleum-based polyurethanes.

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Top ten famous organic mattress brands selected by the US apartment therapy website:

1. Keetsa: Keetsa's latex mattresses are made of wool, latex, unbleached cotton, and bamboo-blend organic cotton fabric. Their mattresses can be compressed and biodegraded, and the packaging is printed with water soluble ink, which is 100% recyclable. Price: 440-2200 USD

2, Hästens: The famous Swedish mattress Hästens uses only wear-resistant natural materials such as horsehair, hemp, wool, iron and pine. Price 4000 - 23000 USD

3, Woodstock Organic Mattress: Headquartered in Manhattan and Kingston, is a family-run business. The mattress is 100% natural, such as organic cotton, wool, horsehair, 98% high purity latex. Price: 799-6000 USD

4, Pure Rest: Family company, only sold online, the mattress uses organic, additive-free wool and cotton, natural latex. No plastic outer parts, no additives. Price: USD 699 or more

5. Savvy Rest: All mattresses are made of natural latex, organic certified wool or certified organic cotton. Natural, non-toxic, and independently tested and certified. Price: 1749-3399 USD

6, Organic Mattress Store: An online retailer that supplies a variety of all-natural mattresses. The brands sold are in compliance with the strict certification standards of the US Department of Agriculture for organic cotton, wool and latex. Price: depending on the brand

7, White Lotus: healthy bedding, including natural latex mattresses, organic wool, cotton mattresses, all handmade. Price: starting at $500

8. The Wool Bed Company: Handmade natural wool mattress. No wood, metal, foam or latex is used. Price: 899-1699 USD

9. Cozy Pure: A bedding company that claims to produce energy entirely from wind, solar and geothermal. The mattress uses natural latex, wool and GOTS certified organic cotton, no foam, chemical fiber cloth, formaldehyde or PBDE. Price: 824-5495 USD

10. Heart of Vermont: All mattress components, including coverings, fillers, straps and insulating mats, are made of 100% organic cotton and are grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Price: 1500 - 3600 USD

At present, the organic mattress brands sold in China are:

Hästens, Sweden, Canada Strom, etc.

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