Secret skin control oil taboos out of the skin care misunderstanding

Oil control generally means adjusting the amount of oil secreted by the skin. Whether it is neutral skin, oily or combination skin, oil is generally produced, and all we need to control oil. Before you do the oil control, you need to understand the details of these oil control in order to make your "oil control war" win beautiful. Today Xiaobian brings you 7 summer skin oil control taboos , taking you out of those skin care mistakes !

Secret skin oil control contraindications

Contraindications 1. The cleaning power is too great when using facial cleanser. The cleansing power of using facial cleanser is too great, and it seems that the face can be washed very cleanly in a short time, and it can control the oil. But if used for a long time, it will dry the skin. Therefore, even in the summer, it is best to use a gentle, cleansing facial cleanser to wash your face. This will better moisturize your skin.

Taboo 2, use a complete set of oil control products. Many people think that in the summer, they need to change a set of oil control skin care products. All face cleansers, toners and lotions must use oil control series. In fact, it is very undesirable, because the oil control series products reduce your skin oil, but it is also an important reason for your skin to dry and peel. Even in the hot summer, you should replenish your skin in time. The balance of water and oil is the secret to keep your face fresh.

Taboo 3, commonly used oil-absorbing paper to absorb oil stains. In summer, the face is prone to oil, especially in the T area. Many people are used to sucking off the oil on the face with oil-absorbing facial tissue, giving the face a short dryness. This kind of practice is absolutely wrong. The higher the oil absorption frequency, the higher the frequency of oil discharge. The face will be oiled due to inertia, which will easily cause the skin to secrete more oil. Apply moisturizing cream to your face after oil absorption.

Taboo 4, too many face washes per day. It is usually enough to wash your face in the morning and evening. Don't wash your face too much because your face is oily. Washing your face too often can make your face dry and dry and peeling. The water-oil balance of the face is an indicator of skin health. If this indicator is lost, the skin will be problematic.

Taboo 5, apply too much sunscreen. Summer sun is too strong, so many people choose to apply sunscreen to resist ultraviolet and glare. It is enough to apply a thin layer of sunscreen on the face (except the eye area). Note that it should be repeated every two or three hours without the need to apply too thick. Otherwise, the skin will not be breathable, the pores will be blocked, and the oil will accumulate too much to produce various acne acne.

Taboo 6, skin care products are too moist. Summer itself is a hot and greasy season. What you need for this season is the hydration and oil control to keep your skin dry. The skin care products used are too moist to moisten the skin and are more prone to problems than at all times. At the same time, moisturizing skin care products contain more oil than other types, which is not conducive to the maintenance of summer facials.

Taboo 7, only use toner skin care. In the summer, many MMs who are prone to oil in the T-zone like to apply only a layer of toner, which is thought to reduce the oil. But the toner can not play the role of water lock, the loss of water will lead to imbalance of water and oil on the face, and it is easier to get oil. It is recommended that MM smear the lotion after applying the toner to better lock the face moisture and make your face water dangling! >>> Korean women star learning beauty skin care tips

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