The constant temperature shaker SET button indicates that the meter returns to normal working temperature.

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It is well known that the constant temperature shaker can be used in the research and education departments of plants, biology, microbiology, genetics, viruses, medicine, environmental protection, food, petroleum, chemical industry, etc. for the precision culture of various organisms, the research of genetic engineering, the heating of petrochemical industry, and so on.

Instructions for use 1 Turn on the power and the self-test ends in about one minute. If “000” is displayed, the sensor is open or the input signal exceeds the measurement range.
2 Press SET to set the temperature, press SET to flash the data in the lower row of the code tube, indicating that the meter enters the temperature setting state, press â–³ key to increase the value, press â–½ key to decrease the value, press again The SET button returns to normal operation and the temperature is set.
3 The display value can be corrected when it is confirmed that the value displayed by the meter is not the correct measurement value. Press SET for 3 seconds to enter the inner menu of the instrument. After selecting parameter SC, press â–³ or â–½ key to modify this parameter. The correction range of the sensor error is 50 to -50. After the correction is completed, press the SET button for 3 seconds to exit. When the instrument is shipped, the correction value is 0. When using it, it should be prevented from correcting the correct display to incorrect.
4 self-tuning function of the instrument: This product can adapt to most control systems. Only when the control effect is particularly unsatisfactory, can start self-tuning, press SET button for 3 seconds to enter the inner menu of the instrument, select the parameter At and match â–³ or â–½ The key turns on the auto-tuning. At this time, the At indicator light starts to flash and the meter enters the auto-tuning parameter working state. The meter-controlled heating system fluctuates twice near the set point. When the At light is off, the auto-tuning ends, and the new PID parameter is latched in the chip. in.


1) According to the oscillation method: gyro (laboratory), reciprocating, dual function (swing and reciprocating)
2) According to the assembly water bath, air bath and oil bath air bath constant temperature shaker: is a temperature controllable thermostatic gas box and oscillator combined with biochemical equipment water bath constant temperature shaker is a temperature controllable water bath Biochemical instrument combined with oscillator The oil bath constant temperature shaker is a biochemical instrument with a temperature controllable oil bath and oscillator. The gas bath shaker has a temperature control up to 70 ° C, generally 37 ° C.
The water bath shaker has a temperature control up to 100 °C.
3) According to the oscillation frequency:

There are three common types: 30-200RPM 400-300RPM 60-400RPM
The oscillation frequency reaches 400 RPM, because the oscillation frequency is relatively large, so the requirements for the Erlenmeyer flask are high.

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