How about the price of Ausman bathroom?

Wei bath is essential to daily life of a family home building materials, in the pursuit of quality of life today, whether it is design basin, shower or modeling has been in constant pursuit of fashion and change, whether it is simple or elegant atmosphere, While satisfying its basic functions, it is even more decorative. This is the case with Ausman bathroom. The different styles combined with a simple and smooth home style will make people feel warm from the bottom of their hearts. Next, let's go to Ausman Sanitary Ware together with the editor and get some information about Ausman Sanitary Ware.

Ausman bathroom introduction

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Ausman sanitary ware, started in 2001, more than ten years of development, Ausman sanitary ware products cover sanitary ware, hardware faucet, bathroom accessories and other sanitary ware fields. It is a company with many ceramic sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, leisure sanitary ware production lines, hardware The international first-class national sanitary ware brand of system management system such as product testing line and after-sales service system.

How about Ausman bathroom

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Ausman Sanitary Ware has always been adhering to the business philosophy of quality, service and innovation since it squeezed into the sanitary ware industry. Relying on the enterprise spirit of technological innovation, it is committed to creating high-quality sanitary space for consumers. Ausman bathroom technology products seamless toilets are widely praised by people in the industry and consumers.

1. Ausman seamless toilet

One of Ausman's seamless toilets is beautiful and non-leaking, and the seamless shape is very suitable for the simple and natural concept of modern home, making your bathroom space more beautiful and generous. The entire mold is fired in one piece, the water tank and the toilet are one piece, which can ensure that 100% of the water tank will not leak when flushing.

Ausman's seamless toilet No.2 is easy to clean without cracking. The seamless toilet is an integrally formed structure that can withstand high-strength pressure to ensure that no cracking will occur. With reasonable glazing, the entire surface appears Very smooth and smooth, easier to clean.

The Ausman seamless toilet three is more environmentally friendly. The ceramic parts of the seamless toilet are fired at high temperature. The radioactivity and water absorption rate are higher than the national standard. The Ausman sanitary ware currently has a mainstream 3/6 liter water tank, which is flushed once. , No residue. It has successively won such honors as "China Water-saving Product Certification", "Top Ten Green and Environmentally-Reliable Brands with Reliability", and a nationally certified low-carbon environmental protection expert!

2. Ausman shower

One of the Ausman showers is well insulated and easy to adjust. The Ausman shower head uses ABS high-temperature engineering plastics, and the water outlet uses silicone, which has good heat insulation and is easy to clean. The bracket can be raised and lowered freely, and the height can be adjusted freely to meet the needs of different consumers.

Ausman shower No. 2 is bacteriostatic and does not deform. Ausman bathroom showers are mostly matched with the overall shower column. The shower seat is made of high-quality and environmentally friendly precision copper casting, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria. Metal hose Can withstand huge torsion and tension, not easy to deform.

Ausman shower No. 3 is dechlorinated by purified water. Traditional showers can no longer meet people's needs. Ausman showers use a new type of water purification function. Water purification shower refers to the high energy purification ball equipped with water purification in the shower head and the surface-mounted permanent magnet, etc., through the effects of magnetization, adsorption, filtration, oxidation, ionization, etc., to purify the residual chlorine, bacteria, foreign substances and other impurities contained in the water To make the water pure and enjoy a healthy bath.

Ausman bathroom price

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Aosman Sanitary Ware integrates the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection in product design, quality technology and product packaging. Taking innovative technology research and development as a guide, it constantly pursues technological upgrading and product quality improvement. Ausman Sanitary Ware is relying on a strong The research and development of equipment and high-end technology has been widely praised by people in the industry.

Ausman Sanitary Ware Price Information Type Model Price Smart Toilet Seat Cover AS-26461190.00 Faucet AS-261656.00 Rain Shower Head AS-2512C37799.00 Single Hole Basin Faucet AS-2502A280.00 Flipboard AS-262255.00 Bathroom Hardware Five Piece AS-3200399.00

Conclusion: Ausman Sanitary Ware is a pioneer of water-saving sanitary ware. It has created a higher quality bathroom space for consumers in products, and technically passed the energy saving and environmental protection concept of Ausman Sanitary Ware, allowing people to enjoy a comfortable bathroom life. At the same time, it can also achieve the purpose of saving energy.

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