The top five five-door wardrobe 9SA1-09 design is simple and internal and external

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In the modern and tempting material, the more things in the family are bought more and more. Skirts, hats, scarves, belts, socks, etc. make the wardrobes at home more and more worrisome, and it takes a lot of time to find clothes every time you change clothes. A wardrobe with a stylish appearance and convenient storage has become a savior. Today, a wardrobe for everyone to evaluate is a top five wardrobe 9SA1-09.

Top five five-door wardrobe 9SA1-09

Top 100 five-door wardrobe 9SA1-09 evaluation

I look at this wardrobe at first, it feels very heavy. Simple and generous shape, there are not many fancy places. But look closely, you will find a lot of wonderful details, such as handles, hinges, laminates, etc., is a wardrobe inside and outside.

Top 100 wardrobe

1. The appearance is simple and the shape is generous.

Top 100 wardrobe evaluation

This wardrobe has a simple appearance and a generous shape. Due to the use of pure solid wood, the wardrobe has a very good texture and grade. The function is not exaggerated, and it can basically meet the needs of human life.

2. Exquisite materials, safe and environmentally friendly.

Top five five-door wardrobe 9SA1-09

The main materials of the wardrobe are black walnuts imported from the United States. The patterns are beautiful, and the surface is coated with environmentally-friendly water-based paint. It is safe and environmentally friendly. It has no harm to the human body and no pollution to the air. A thin layer of water-based paint penetrates into the wood and feels like the texture of the wood without the smoothness of the paint.

Top 100 wardrobe

The door panel of the closet cabinet is made of horizontally divided boards, and the longitudinal wooden boards are all from the whole section of wood, without splicing. In addition, the pattern and texture of the wood on the front and back of the wardrobe panel are identical. This is the biggest difference between solid wood furniture and veneer furniture.

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