Wine bottle packaging manufacturers need to understand light bottle wine market

Light bottle wine refers to the use of wine bottles as the only packaging carrier. There are no cartons and other packaging materials. This type of packaging is simple and cost-effective. In the past, light bottle wines were mainly used on some low-end liquors such as Erguotou. Now, with the continuous downturn in the liquor market and the rise of online liquor sales, light bottle wines have begun to attract more and more attention as the only form of packaging for wine bottles.

For some time in the past, due to the limitations of liquor consumption and other parties, liquor has begun to shrink in the face of gifts, which we often say. In this case, liquor bottle packaging began to move toward simple packaging. The control cost became the first choice for liquor packaging manufacturers. For the average consumer, it is not for the sake of giving a gift, so light bottled wines in simple wine bottles are more popular. Light bottle wine as a single bottle packaging form has become a new trend. In addition, the rise of the online market has always been the wind vane with price advantage. Therefore, light bottle wine began to rise in the Internet, Jingdong launched a low-priced version of the light bottle wine began selling on the Internet.

In this regard, we bottle manufacturers should be more positive analysis of the light bottle wine market, timely follow-up market, seize market demand.

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