Health products bottle packaging also need private custom

Liquor manufacturers have recently begun to lay down noble methods, changing past marketing methods, and adopting private customized methods on wine packaging. This is not a liquor company's whim, which is gradually becoming the main force of the market's consumption after the current 80s and 90s seeking personality. This is a matter worth reflecting and trying to analyze for our packaging industry. The packaging pattern of health products is very similar to the intrinsic packaging thinking mode of the liquor industry. These two industries are worth learning from each other.

Health products bottle has always been on the packaging without regard to cost, is willing to use a variety of luxurious materials. So why is the health supplement bottle suitable for private customization? First and foremost, of course, is the change in the main force of the health care consumer market. Although health products are targeted at the middle-aged and elderly people, many of them are used by young people to give gifts. They are directly purchased, so their personalized consumption concept determines the health care products bottle. Second, we mentioned earlier that health products used for gifts, personalized health products bottle more in line with people's face needs.

For health care bottle manufacturers, the most critical is to enrich the mold at the same time, reduce health care product packaging costs, to adapt to market demand.

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