Flint Group launches new low migration ink products in the European market

A few days ago, Flint Group's narrow-web department launched a new low-migration ink (low-migration, LM). The new Flint LM inks include metal silver-Low Migration UV Flexo Silver, and metal paste-Low Migration Metallic Pastes. Among them, the former is Flint Group's first single-component metal UV flexographic ink.

According to the test, the Low Migration UV Flexo Silver ink with the project number YFM 00077 has a migration level of less than 10ppb and is used on a suitable packaging structure. This ink is perfect. This result is tested after a standard migration test. The reference for this test is the European Commission Directive 97/48 / EC.

Flint Group introduced that this new LM silver ink has very good metal appearance performance, curing speed, and has good adhesion properties on many papers and synthetic materials. This ink fully complies with the requirements of the Swiss Swiss Ordinance SR817.023.21 and Nestlé's packaging ink guidelines (January 10, 2013 version 2.1).

The new Low Migration Metallic Pastes launched by Flint Group are mainly used for blending metallic colors. This metal paste has three colors and is suitable for narrow web printing and two-component ink systems.

At present, the above two inks have already begun to be supplied to the European market and will soon be supplied to the North American market.

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