The price of furniture brand effect is mixed with the products of Gaoshanzhai.

In the recent decoration design companies and building materials home market, I found that the biggest commonality between the two is that sellers strongly recommend their own products, and only one purpose - to successfully trade in the shortest time. Even the decoration company did not understand the specific situation of the house, and said that it hopes to sign the contract to pay the deposit first, and the rest of the package is satisfactory. The vigorous promotion of the products and the words that are obviously eager to make profits make the whole market filled with “exaggeration”.

[home improvement]

Big company price is not discussed

Small companies are more attractive

After visiting some large-scale home improvement companies, the service attitude of the decoration design company personnel is generally good, and the introduction of each content will be relatively detailed. The author took a 90-square-meter full-scale ordinary decoration as an example to visit, and found that the general company's offer is about 50,000-70,000 yuan, mainly including kitchen and bathroom renovation, wall and floor tiles, door stone, whole kitchen cabinet, etc., including toilets and flowers. Sprinklers, faucets, floor drains, switch panels and other details, most of the company's hydropower transformation is also included in the previous budget, but the ceiling of the living room and other needs to be designed according to different design costs. Relatively speaking, the quotation and inclusion content of each large-scale decoration company will have clear and detailed hard rules, and bargaining for goods is basically impossible. The specific prices will also fluctuate depending on the brand of the materials used, but there is basically no big difference.

In the interviews with some small decoration companies, the author found that many companies are particularly enthusiastic about the need for consumers to decorate their houses. In the same way, for the 90 square meters medium decoration, some small companies have opened the price of 30,000 to 40,000 workers, but the staff has become vague and even can only be specific to the items included in the whole service. Speaking of the living room, bedroom and kitchen and bathroom, the rest of the details can not be said clearly, and said that the contract can be signed first, the specific situation will be discussed later; there are also companies that have not used the house to say the excuse can not specifically say the whole set of decoration Details included. “The details of the deposit before the deposit” became a strange but not uncommon state. Of course, most consumers do not accept this kind of decoration that looks tempting but not very reliable.

Some insiders said that the general well-known and large-scale decoration companies will have a commitment to consumers with zero-increased items in the later period, while some of the more disadvantaged companies will use the psychology of consumers to pursue the complete effect of decoration and leak in the contract. Reporting projects, kitchen and bathroom waterproofing fees, garbage disposal fees, hydropower renovation costs, and even ground leveling fees, door repair costs ... the more nuanced, the more people can not prevent. Therefore, there are also consumer jokes, not afraid of the high price of the previous budget, I am afraid that the end of the increase is endless.


Brand effect price is high

The cottage is mixed with fake

Entering the furniture market, the products are full of objects and thousands of shapes are enough to make consumers look at it. Under the appropriate lighting of the market, it seems that all the furniture is shining. In the inquiry to some consumers, many people said that they learned the lessons of purchasing furniture before, and they are more willing to pay attention to the brand of furniture than to spend less money on cheaper furniture. "There are XX brands for the mattresses of friends' homes. For many years, they are not comfortable." A lady who is watching the bed told the author, "If you spend more money to buy a brand, quality and after-sales can be There is security.” Indeed, in the context of most consumers’ “not bad money”, many well-known brands are increasingly sought after, which makes another “more expensive and better” consumer psychology appear. This has led to the continuous increase in prices of the same types of goods among many brands. Similar furniture has different prices under different brands, and the prices of some products are even far from their own values. Blind follow-up and blind pursuit of high-end brands will inevitably push up the market price, and the purchased furniture may not be really suitable for their own housing.

What is derived from the high-end brand at the same time is the brand "cottage goods" which is almost identical in appearance. The brand of the cottage is different from the original brand name. The style of the furniture has no difference with some high-end brands. It is only lower in price than the original brand, and the quality must not be the same. But for some unsuspecting consumers, there is no understanding of some furniture brands, so the appearance of high imitation furniture will make it believe that it is true, I do not know how to choose.

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