Customized wardrobe business promotion frequency to increase consumer numbness

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Recently, after visiting several wardrobe stores, the reporter found that the promotion has become the most common trick for wardrobe merchants to win customers. However, due to the serious homogenization of the promotion, consumers began to produce numbness, and the effect of promotional activities was cold.

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Customized wardrobe business promotion frequency to increase consumer numbness

Merchant promotion frequency increased

After visiting a number of building materials decoration stores, the reporter learned that there are not a few wardrobe merchants who are preparing to hold various activities in the near future, and some brand merchants who have not yet carried out activities have told reporters that they have always had the idea of ​​engaging in activities. The 3•15 activity node makes the entire wardrobe market a constant promotion.

“The activities and specifications of the promotion are being upgraded again and again. “The fierce competition allows the merchants to also diligently practice in the marketing, and the internal training of the employees, such as what problems the consumers will ask, how to deal with the situation. , pre-sale, sale, after-sales on-site signs, etc., these must be considered one by one.

Consumers are numb

The wardrobe industry is so full of frequent promotions, such as the wheel battle, not only makes consumers have the choice of numbness and psychological fatigue in the purchase of wardrobe products, but also makes the wardrobe business into a difficult sales situation, "do not cut prices." "Do not promote, can not be sold", the wardrobe enterprise's use of the sales model of price reduction promotion is so cyclical, and will eventually consume the long-term vitality and market freshness of this model.

Wardrobe promotion method needs to be innovated

Despite the frequent activities in the wardrobe market and the variety of promotional gimmicks, it seems that all the concessions are very strong, but industry insiders reminded that the wardrobe merchants can make their own activities to make new ideas, this is the key they must consider this year.

"This is just like the consumer said, every time it is a special price, the money is the lowest, when is it really low? Every year, the promotion of the gimmick is 'super low price', 'vendor special supply', etc. Many consumers are also prone to produce 'aesthetic fatigue'. "The head of a brand wardrobe said that with the increasing rationality of consumers, the simple "promotional low-cost war" has been difficult to provoke their interest in buying, "how to put The activities have been innovative, and consumers can get real benefits. It is the focus of wardrobe dealers and should be the key to the current wardrobe manufacturers should seriously think about.

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