Domestic flexographic printing industry has difficulties in expanding the market

At present, there are four major areas of flexo printing that have not yet entered, namely books and newspapers. Printing , color paper packaging, composite flexible packaging , color paper boxes. Although Shanghai Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. has started printing primary and middle school textbooks with flexo ink in the past two years, it has already printed 1.6 million copies. The Shanghai Municipal Government has given financial support to this project, but the project is still It needs to be maintained by financial subsidies, so it cannot be included in the market where flexo printing has entered. In the field of color paper packaging, offset printing is still dominant. Flexo printing only occupies a small market in the post-printing and pre-printing fields of corrugated boxes, while fine packaging of 150-175 lines/inch is basically still offset. In the field of composite flexible packaging, it is basically a gravure printing world. In addition to a place on PE sanitary packaging materials , flexo printing is rarely used on composite packaging materials such as OPP and PET. The same is true in the field of color cartons. Although some pharmaceutical carton packs have already adopted flexo printing, the mainstream in this field is still offset printing, and the share of flexo printing is small.

What are the difficulties in flexo printing into these four areas? First of all, the cost of flexographic printing is high. The main cost of the flexographic printing project of Shanghai Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. is that the printing fee is high, which is 6-8 times of the offset printing fee. Secondly, several major printing quality problems of flexo printing are still Unconquered, such as gray balance, the minimum dot of the high-line plate, the gradient net decays to zero (no obvious hard mouth), so currently only 133 lines/inch or less can be printed, with large patterns, large color blocks, The medium and coarse mesh points are the main features; again, it is difficult to avoid the jamming failure during the flexographic printing process. In short, the market that has not yet entered the flexo is precisely the market with high requirements for printing quality.

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