What should be paid attention to when debugging video microscope

Many people do not know how to adjust when using a video microscope (microscope), and the observation result is always unsatisfactory. In fact, part of the unsatisfactory observation result is a problem of the microscope itself, and there are many reasons for the adjustment of the video microscope.

First of all, what is a video microscope? The reason why the video microscope is called video is that it combines a traditional microscope with a camera system, microscope, or computer, which allows the observation results of the video microscope to be long in the form of data. Save time. Today's video microscopes are very powerful. Intelligent, user-friendly, and scalable make video microscopes very popular.

So how should the video microscope be adjusted? First, we must pay attention to the size of the screen. The size of the screen directly affects the observation quality of the video microscope. The second is the working distance. When adjusting, the distance is also a very important parameter. If you find that the observation effect is not good, you must check whether the distance is appropriate. In addition, image control, lighting and other factors also determine the adjustment of the video microscope.

In the mid-1980s, video microscopes have moved towards easy operation and high usability. I believe that in the near future, better video microscopes will come out, and the adjustment of video microscopes will become very simple.

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