The owner of the home industry business service specification has no knowledge of the owner.

Most consumers know nothing about it.

During the National Day Golden Week, many home stores and decoration companies have thrown out a large number of preferential activities, setting off a series of promotional frenzy. For many consumers, they are already ready to make a beautiful decoration for their new home with the help of the 11th promotion. However, the reporter found in the market that many consumers are only interested in the offer of decoration, but do not care about after-sales and rights protection.

The first domestic home improvement industry trade standard “Home Furnishing Business Service Specification” officially implemented on September 1 has been officially implemented for one month. The most noteworthy point in the "Code" is that "the increase in the home improvement service category shall not exceed 8% of the previously agreed project contract price, except for the part that is undertaken by the enterprise, except for the items that the customer actively requests to increase." But the reporter is investigating But I found that most consumers know nothing about it.

The new regulations require home improvement companies to add more than 8% to pay

As is known to all, the home decoration contract is allowed to have additional items, but the "Specifications" issued recently have made clear provisions for the cost of the additional items. That is to say, “the increase in the home improvement service category shall not exceed 8% of the prior contracted construction contract price, except for the part that is undertaken by the enterprise, except for the items that the customer actively requests to increase.” The “Regulations” also require that “the renovation basic project has at least 2 years warranty, Waterproof works for at least 5 years warranty."

According to the reporter, in the decoration process, most of the owners will face the behavior of the decoration company to increase the price in the middle. For the warranty part, some decoration companies said that the warranty can not be done for a long time, especially the waterproof project, because there are many reasons for the problem of waterproofing, not necessarily the problem of the decoration company, there are many of the quality of the house itself. The problem, consumers should go to the developer." Many decoration companies complained to reporters.

The reporter visited and found that many decoration companies in the market are attracting customers with low-price promotions. In this regard, Yi Jiang, general manager of Huamei Le Decoration Co., Ltd. said, “Some Dongguan decoration teams or small companies have pushed down the total price through the leaks in the previous period, first attracting customers, and later earning money by adding extra money. 'Fake quotes' have become a marketing tool."

Yi Jiang told reporters that during the renovation process, “additional fare increase” is a very common thing. How to judge the "additional increase" is mainly based on whether the increase is reasonable.

Some owners know nothing about the new rules and face compromises

The reporter learned that most of the current owners in the market know little about the decoration before the renovation. The reporter randomly interviewed 10 citizens in the Luosha Decoration City, and 6 of them said they did not understand the new rules.

Ms. He told the reporter that “the decoration company has opened different package prices, and they only have the choice of the price. They want to bargain, but they don’t know how to cut it, because they and their husbands are not clear about the market.” What should I do if the budget in the renovation project increases and the fare increase is involved? Ms. He chose to compromise. "Since I don't understand anything, I have problems in the decoration process. Of course, I only do it according to the decoration company."

Faced with the price increase of the decoration company in the middle, there is a choice to compromise, but there are also options to fight. Ms. Fu, from Dongguan City, was dissatisfied with the renovation company’s mid-way fare increase, and the decoration company was brought to court in anger. Previously, the Dongguan Intermediate People's Court declared a case in which the owner sued the decoration company for a fare increase.

In January 2010, Ms. Fu signed a decoration contract with a decoration company in Houjie Town. In the decoration contract, she agreed with the decoration company. “If the extension is more than 15 days, the owner has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally, and the decoration company has not returned yet. In addition to the project's construction cost, the owner must be compensated as the liquidated damages according to the double amount of the total renovation of the unfinished project. During the renovation process, the owner was asked to increase the price by 20,000 yuan, because the price increase was not a threat to the decoration company. After appraisal by relevant agencies, it was finally determined that the decoration company had defaulted first. The decoration company shall pay the default to the owner according to double the unfinished project, that is, more than 80,000 yuan. But Ms. Fu also waited for 3 years.

The lawyer said:

Consumers have a lawsuit

“The disputes between the owners and the decoration company caused by the increase in the price increase are very common.” Ye Fengyi, secretary general of Dongguan Building Materials Association, told the reporter that although such disputes have occurred, the content of the disputes is different. In Ye Fengyi's view, it is difficult to make a renovation budget in one step because there are too many variables in the renovation project. "There is because the owners actively request additional items, and some are due to installation errors of the decoration company." The best way to prevent some bad decoration teams from making money by adding unnecessary items without any reason is to increase the number of items when signing the contract. The scope and details of the markup are well agreed.

For the decoration company's mid-price increase, the lawyer of the long-term law firm Hu Chenyuan believes that after the dispute, the owner must first negotiate with the decoration company through friendly negotiation. If the mediation fails, if you want to go to court, The owner must be fully prepared, especially to retain the contract signed by the decoration company. For, Ms. Fu won the victory after three years of lawsuits. Mr. Hu believes that under the conditions of not introducing relevant laws and regulations, it is generally necessary to go through a long process of obtaining evidence and prosecution. Nowadays, the newly introduced "Regulations on the Management of the Home Industry" has clear requirements for this issue. It will not be long for consumers to encounter such problems and go to court. In addition, when the citizens sign the decoration contract, they should make the contract content as detailed as possible, and make reasonable prevention of possible breach of contract.

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