Three strokes to achieve the wet and dry partition of the bathroom

In the traditional bathroom design, the bathroom equipment is not clearly partitioned, which often causes problems such as the bathroom being filled with moist moisture, and the toilet and the washing cannot be carried out at the same time. The reasonable function of the bathroom can keep the site outside the bath dry and hygienic, and maintain the clean and beautiful environment of the bathroom as a whole; it is very practical to ensure multiple functions at the same time.

1, wash space independent

In general design, the wash area is placed in the bathroom. According to Xu Weibo, the designer of Ruibowen Decoration, the bathroom does not need too much privacy, and the space can be separated by modifying the space. This is a practical and powerful function, suitable for small-sized rooms with only one bathroom, to avoid family members "grab the toilet" in the morning; at the same time, the bathroom has reduced functions and is easy to clean and manage. The open wash area is decorated with furniture and decorations such as hand basins, mirrors, shelves, green plants, etc., and often becomes the highlight of interior decoration.

How to create: Separate the wash space, usually using the partition method. The partition is to separate the wash basin placed in the bathroom while maintaining the original design of the waterway. In order to be consistent with the interior style, wooden texture or white partition is often used, and the material can be gypsum board, antique brick, large core board, and the like. There is always a certain amount of space on both sides of the separated wash area, and a set of cabinets and wall cabinets can be designed to transform the storage space.

Reminder: Open wash space should pay attention to cleaning, stains on mirrors, countertops, etc. can easily affect the overall decorative effect; it is best to use waterproof material on the floor below the wash basin, or lay a small carpet to prevent stains caused by water stains.

2, change the space

If the design of the unit is unreasonable, the bathroom can be modified according to the actual situation during the design and decoration. Common transformation methods include demolishing walls, changing door openings, and moving bathroom facilities.

How to build: The bathroom is often adjacent to the bedroom. Consider opening or remodeling the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom. The use of lightweight materials such as screens and glass between the bedroom and the bathroom can increase the use of space and add decorative effects. According to the actual use needs, a door opening is added between the bathroom and the bedroom, which is convenient for the owner to use normally. From the visual point of view, the space view of the bathroom and the bedroom will expand. In addition, the wall between the bathroom and the bedroom can be removed, and the bathtub and other facilities become the highlights of the bedroom decoration.

Bathrooms such as toilets and wash basins in the bathroom can also be changed according to actual needs. According to Fan Xiaogang, chief designer of Ruibowen Decoration, “After changing the wall and door opening, consumers can change the position of the bathroom according to actual needs. For example, the bathtub should be placed against the wall to facilitate the separation of the wet and dry partitions. In engineering, only in the original Add water pipes to the waterway and the cost will not be too high."

Reminder: Before the renovation of the bathroom, you should first obtain a property permit. When dismantling the wall, ensure that the surrounding wall is a non-bearing wall. Bathtubs and wash basins should not be moved too long. If the bathroom facilities are removed from the bathroom, they must be waterproofed to ensure safe use.

3, the partition in the bathroom

The room that has already been inhabited does not require large apartment changes, and it can be conveniently and effectively separated by partitioning the wet and dry partitions in the bathroom.

How to build: You can use a half wall to separate the bathroom from the dry area, and place small bathroom furniture such as a washstand or some wooden shelves; the wet area includes a toilet and a bathtub. The floor in front of the washstand should also be kept clean and a absorbing carpet can be laid. In the ground treatment, the dry area is often higher than the wet area, making the division of the dry and wet area more obvious.

When partitioning is arranged in the bathroom, a variety of partitioning materials are available: for example, glass, glass bricks, plasterboard, screens, shower curtains, and the like. When choosing, consumers should pay attention to the moisture resistance of the partition material. For example, doors on alloy partitions or light-weight walls should be made of rust-proof and anti-corrosion materials such as glass doors, and light-weight walls in the bathroom should be protected from moisture.

Reminder: Dry and wet partitions, in addition to using partition materials, can also be distinguished by decorative style. For example, tiles can be used around the bathtub in the wet area, while wall paint can be used in the dry area to maintain consistency in color tone, but remain visually independent, alerting the user to distinguish between the two.

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