How to choose the right solid wood wardrobe for the wardrobe consumers

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] More and more Chinese cities, custom solid wood wardrobe has become a popular trend of home. The market share of its solid wood wardrobes has increased from about 6 percent to 35% before the global financial crisis. During this period, the design style of the solid wood wardrobe has gradually been in line with the international standards, and the selection of materials is also in the process of continuous improvement.

Wardrobe consumer

How to choose the right solid wood wardrobe for the wardrobe consumers

Why do home decoration owners are keen on custom solid wood wardrobes?

Solid wood wardrobes belong to the solid wood furniture accessory products, which have high standards for workmanship and material selection. The reason why it has been favored by many home decoration owners is that the current furniture manufacturers are constantly upgrading and upgrading equipment and production technology, introducing advanced foreign technology, and combining the qualification level of their own enterprises to make enterprises Better serve your target customers.

The selection of solid wood wardrobes is also very particular - currently the solid wood (woodworking board) and baking varnish (MDF) are the two main materials. Painted wardrobes are simple and popular, and the price is relatively cheap. I want to be more wear-resistant for solid wood materials. The solid wood wardrobe is environmentally friendly, with a simple shape and valuable functions (such as the now scarce mahogany and rosewood).

Wardrobe purchase

How to choose the right solid wood wardrobe for the wardrobe consumers

How much do home decoration owners know about solid wood wardrobes?

At present, solid wood wardrobes on the market can be divided into three categories: solid wood veneers, solid wood composites, and pure solid wood. Yi Gao solid wood wardrobe designer told us that the solid wood veneer and solid wood composite wardrobe compared with pure solid wood, the lack of a natural effect. If it is a home decoration owner who has high requirements for the natural environment, the first choice is pure solid wood wardrobe; the other two are home decoration owners who are not particularly demanding in nature.

Home decoration owners' requirements for design style

Simple modern style, American country style, avant-garde style, European classical style. These four styles are designed by Yi Gao's designers based on the needs of customers and in line with the current trend of the solid wood wardrobe market. In Shanghai, because of the influence of Western culture, according to the age, different groups of people also have design styles. Different needs:

According to the investigation of the Elcometer wardrobe in the market, the age of 25 is the baseline (no male or female) --

The 25- to 35-year-olds are more attentive to the avant-garde style, especially those around the age of 28, with aesthetics that transcend their peers.

The 35-45-year-old people are enamored with classical style, especially those who go abroad for a long time. They are deeply influenced by Western culture, and the love of Western culture is self-evident.

For those over 45 years old, they are currently the main group of people who consume solid wood products. The requirements for design style are more diverse, and they are more about taste and texture. They are very fond of European classical and American country style design, and have their own feelings about the story and history behind the Elcometer products. Such a customer is the driving force for the company to keep moving forward.

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