Wood type of plywood ordinary plywood

The tree species of the plywood panel are the species of the plywood.

First, the commonly used domestic broad-leaved tree species are eucalyptus, ash, birch, lotus, poplar, elm, eucalyptus, maple, alder, maple and so on.

Second, the commonly used domestic Shiye species are Pinus massoniana and Yunnan pine. Larch, spruce, etc.

Ordinary plywood is divided into four categories: one type of plywood, that is, weather resistant bite board; the second type of plywood, that is, water resistant plywood; three types of plywood, that is, moisture resistant plywood; four types of plywood, that is, non-durable plywood.

Ceramic knives are very hard, made from sintered zirconium dioxide, and retain their sharp edge for a long time. They are light in weight, do not impart any taste to food and do not corrode. Suitable for slicing fruit, vegetables and boneless meat.

Ceramic knives are best used as a specialist kitchen utensil. Recent manufacturing improvements have made them less brittle. Because of their hardness and brittle edges, sharpening requires special techniques.

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