What does the IPPC logo represent on a wooden box?

The wooden box packaging is to be affixed with the IPPC's special logo. According to the Notice No. 4 issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China in 2005, it was exported to the European Union, Canada, the United States, Australia and other countries with wooden packaging on March 1, 2005. For goods, the wood packaging should be marked with IPPC, except for plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, etc. The relevant business personnel promptly notify the consignor to handle the shipment before shipment. Wooden boxes must go through the wood after processing in these three places. They must not be bark or the like.
Can the packing box be registered as a three-dimensional trademark in China?

According to China's current trademark examination standards, a three-dimensional mark is a general shape or a common shape that specifies the use of a product. However, if it is constituted only by a package, it is judged to be lacking in distinctiveness. According to relevant documents, in the actual examination, the shape of the product itself, the shape of the packaging container, and the shape of the part may be rejected on the ground of lack of distinctiveness. If a three-dimensional mark contains elements that have discriminating power, such as words or figures, it has distinctive features and can be registered.
What is generally considered as a general-purpose package is also rejected due to its lack of distinctiveness as a trademark. For example, there are significant graphics and text on the wooden box packaging. Even if the three-dimensional mark is registered on the basis of the distinctiveness of the three-dimensional trademark, the registration can be achieved. For the packaging box itself, the graphics will only be protected due to the lack of distinctiveness. And text.

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