Comparison between old and new evaluation criteria

The original metrological certification / review accreditation (acceptance) review criteria is equivalent to the use of GB / T15481-1995 (equivalent to the use of ISO / IEC Guidelines 25: 1990) plus special requirements for metrological certification. The new qualification assessment criteria have absorbed the essence of ISO / IEC17025: 2005, and also referred to the relevant requirements of GB / T15481-1995 (ISO / IEC Guide 25: 1990) and the original assessment criteria.

calcium remover Features:

·Remove the ink roller surface calcareous enamel.

·Help to make the rubber roller be the best condition.

·There is no harm to human body, low content of VOC.

·Quick response and restore the ink roller ink guide.

·Dose not affect the rubber roller, the chemicals react only with calcium.

calcium remover Method of use:

1. On first use cleaner sufficient to remove the ink roller ink.

2. Right amount of the drops on the ink roller, the ink roller idler(1-5 minute)

3. Use oily cleaner or emulsifying cleaner for the last process cleaning.

4. Close the shovel ink knife then wash thoroughly with water.

Roller Wash

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