How is the UV aging test box tested?

The biggest advantage of the current ultraviolet aging test box is that it provides a convenient and fast shortcut for many businesses and users. The biggest advantage of the UV aging test box is that it can simulate the damage of natural sunlight and moisture to the material, and quickly reproduce the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew. So how does the ultraviolet aging test box conduct experiments?

1. Fix the test sample on the test stand, facing the UV fluorescent lamp. When the sample does not fill the sample stand, you need to fill the sample stand with a blackboard to keep the inner wall of the test box closed.

2. Test temperature. Three temperatures of 50, 60, and 70 ° C can be used during illumination, and 60 ° C is preferred. The temperature in the condensation stage is 50 ° C, and the temperature tolerance uniformity is ± 2.

4. The period of each condensation of light can be selected from 4 hours of light, 4 hours of condensation or 8 hours of light and 4 hours of condensation. We recommend that each condensation cycle last at least 4 hours.

This test box replaces an old lamp with a new lamp when every 1/4 of the life of the fluorescent lamp in the eight lamps (the lamp life is about 1500 hours), so the ultraviolet light source is always replaced by the new lamp It is composed of old lamps, so as to obtain a constant output of light energy. This operating mode ensures that the service life of each lamp is 1600 ~ 1800H.

5. When replacing the lamp, the water tray should be dried and cleaned to avoid the formation of scale and affect the lamp irradiation results.

Note: If the above instructions still can not help you operate the experiment correctly, please contact Beijing Yashilin After-sales Service Department, our company will serve you wholeheartedly!

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