Chinese original home design debut in Milan

Original title: Chinese original home design debut in Milan

A few days ago, the 52nd Milan International Design Week came to an end and “sit down” the original Chinese home design exhibition. The US “New York Times” introduced the exhibition hosted by Red Star Macalline on the front page.

For a long time in the past, due to the negative impact of the cottage and plagiarism, the Chinese home furnishing industry is considered to have no original design and only production. Red Star Macalline is determined to promote China's home design and transform the world's view of Chinese home design.

At the Milan Design Week in 2012, Red Star Macalline and Beijing International Design Week made their debut, co-hosting the “Sit Down” Chinese Contemporary Design Exhibition, inviting more than 50 outstanding Chinese designers, designing and exhibiting 80 A variety of commercial design works of various shapes have successfully demonstrated the strength of Chinese home original design to the world.

This year, Red Star Macalline led Chinese design to once again boarded the international fashion capital of Milan, bringing more than 80 masterpieces from more than 20 top designers in China. The theme of the exhibition is “Sit down: tea, taste, and product design”, which is also an upgraded version of the same name exhibition last year. Curator and Red Star Macalline fashion expert Zhu Xiaojie believes that letting the world "sit down" to see how Chinese people design is to return and trace the Chinese culture itself, let the world see the unique charm of China and Chinese design.

For this exhibition, the European and American media have done a lot of reports. In addition to the wide-ranging impact of the New York Times on the front page, the introduction of Red Star Macalline and the “sit down” Chinese original home design exhibition, Italy’s largest daily newspaper, The Evening Post, uses a full-page report, title For "How close is to China." Just as the foreign media has repeatedly interpreted China and design, from "Chinese design" to "China and design", this change in roles and relationships has made many foreign media marvel at the rise of Chinese originality.

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