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Mobile power (mobile phone charging treasure) is one of the necessary equipment for many donkeys and donkeys. Then, how to correctly use the mobile phone to charge the treasure? At present, digital products have increasingly diversified functions and are used more frequently. How to increase the use time of digital products and use them? The issue of maximum utility has become more important. Mobile power is the best solution to this problem. With a power supply, you can provide power (power or charge) to a variety of digital products anywhere, anytime, anywhere in the world. The customer service personnel of Beiqin mobile power recently discovered that there are many netizens who are not very aware of mobile power. Beiji technology will talk to you about mobile power and let you truly understand mobile power. Mobile Power International is defined as "portable energy" or "power bank".
First, the advantages of mobile power Mobile power, mobile power mobile really enhance the quality of people's lives and work, like computer U disk, mobile hard disk and other data to facilitate the move, mobile power to achieve the free movement of energy. In today’s digital age, portable digital products (mobile phones, mp3s, mp4s, pdas, tablet PCs, PSP game consoles, digital cameras, etc.) have infiltrated every corner of people’s daily activities and the movement of energy is more mobile than any other product. Has a closer influence on life and work. Worried about the anxiety caused by the phone's loss of contact with electricity, the loss of information during work, the loss of information in mobile entertainment, and the panic in the dark after a power failure. The list goes on. The mobile power source realizes the free movement of energy, expresses its power at any time and everywhere, and makes work and life more practical and secure. In a certain sense, it realizes some concepts of free life, so that the quality of life can be truly improved.
Second, how to choose mobile power products The importance of choosing safe and reliable mobile power products I believe we already have a certain understanding, but as an ordinary consumer, it is not easy to find reliable mobile power products with connotations in the market. Things. Relying solely on reading the packaging and propaganda language is not enough, it may only be superficial or just language; price orientation is also undesirable, cheap products are often obtained by sacrificing capacity and inferior materials, and high-priced products do not indicate High quality, because its high price may be due to poor cost control... What exactly can we judge in the market? The opinions in the industry are mainly judged by the following points:
1, the product source. General regular mobile power product packaging is marked with the product manufacturer or sales website, consumers can easily understand the specific conditions of the manufacturers through the Internet or telephone. For consumer battery products, we should first consider the selection of powerful manufacturers' products. The so-called strength is mainly determined by the following aspects:
a. With strong R&D strength, it can ensure the rationality and scientific design of the product and ensure the safety of the product.
b. There are strict quality control procedures that can pass various quality management certifications. This allows the quality of the product to be monitored at all stages to ensure that product quality is effectively guaranteed.
c. The configuration of a comprehensive battery testing equipment can meet the safety issues of high-capacity batteries in the industry. According to the UL standard, the battery is subjected to stringent safety tests to ensure the safety and quality of the battery.
d. The mature cost control process can guarantee the best cost performance while choosing the best raw materials.
e. Perfect service groups can guarantee the after-sales service of products, freeing customers from the worries of purchase.
It can be seen from this that there are strength manufacturers that are not easily able to brag about, but because of its rigorous nature, it will also give the product the highest level of trust.
2, product certification. Consumers can inquire whether the product has a third-party certification or complete certification to obtain the confidence of purchase. Third-party product certification confirms that the product meets certain quality standards and safety requirements.
3, product insurance. Manufacturers with responsibility and responsibility usually purchase insurance for their products, which represents the solid connotation of the product and is also a reflection of the manufacturers’ confidence in the quality of their products.
4, product practical. The practicality of mobile power products includes such issues as how large the capacity is, how easy it is to use, how many types of digital devices are suitable, and whether it is convenient to carry. Considering the practicality problem comprehensively, choose the type of mobile power supply that is suitable for your actual use.
5, product sales. The configuration of formal electronic consumer products must have a complete product after-sales service content, which is the basic requirement for sales.
6, product fashion. Different brands of mobile power shape design are different, you can choose according to personal preferences.
Third, mobile power can not charge digital products?
1. Please confirm whether the switch of the mobile power has been placed on the ON side, whether the output start button has been pressed;
2. Please confirm whether the charged digital product supports DC5.0V charging;
3. Please confirm whether the charging adapter matches the digital product being charged;
4. Replace the other charging cable or try using the original digital charging cable.
5. Consult local sales or technical staff for help or call our 24-hour service hotline.
Fourth, why can not charge mobile power
1. Check whether the charger is in good condition and match, the output voltage of the charger is in the range of DC5.0V±0.25V;
2. Check whether the USB charging cable is in good condition and whether the charging adapter matches.
3. If you cannot charge the mobile power source after excluding the above problems, please contact your local dealer for inspection or repair.

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