How to choose a TV cabinet

1. Pay attention to the purchase of TV cabinets. First, you must consider the size of the electrical equipment to be placed. In addition to the 42-inch parameters, you should also consider the depth of the TV to avoid inappropriate after purchase. 2. When purchasing, you must consider the placement of CDs, DVDs, tapes, etc., which is more convenient during use. 3. Pay attention to the heat dissipation problem of the TV cabinet when choosing the TV cabinet. 4. When purchasing, check whether the TV cabinet is convenient and feasible in terms of line placement. In order to take into account the functions of electrical set-top boxes such as TVs, it is possible to fully play its role. Therefore, in determining the design or shape of the TV cabinet, it is the first choice to fully utilize the functions of the electrical appliances. 5. When people watch TV, the height of their line of sight should be below the eye level when they sit down. Therefore, when choosing a TV cabinet, the height of the TV should be designed to be 30-40 cm. 6. Today's TV supplies are not only small in size but also light in weight. Therefore, when choosing a TV cabinet, it is necessary to fully consider its heavy capacity. If your ultra-thin LCD TV is the best, it is generally not too heavy. 7. Choosing a TV cabinet must match the furniture in your living room. There are many ways to choose a style that can be integrated into the overall space. You still need to learn more about yourself. This is what I hope to help you in the People's Mall.


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