How to choose tea sets

Tea sets are the finishing touch in China's long-established tea culture, and it is an art in the eyes of friends who love tea. So how do you choose a tea set? The experts in the ceramic sea have summed up one or two points for everyone.

Experts point one: beauty. Ssangyong play pearl ceramic tea set

The teapot is used by itself, so choose the shape and appearance of the teapot. As long as you choose according to your personal preferences and personal feelings, the most important thing is to be comfortable and satisfied.

Experts point two: texture.

The pot used for making tea is generally sand-based, because the sand device is water-absorbing and opaque, and the appearance is more intimate than the porcelain. The cash on the top is also unique, so the sand pot is generally more popular than the porcelain pot. . As for the texture of the teapot, it is mainly based on the firm bone and the color.

Experts point three: pot taste.

When you buy a new pot, you should sniff the smell of the pot. Some of the new pots may have a slight taste of the pot. This can also be used, but if you have a siu mei or other miscellaneous taste, such as oily or artificially colored, it is not enough. It is.

Experts point four: precision.

The precision of the pot refers to the tightness of the lid and the body of the pot. The higher the tightness, the better, otherwise the musk is scattered.

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