Home building materials elite job-hopping frequent companies have gathered together

Recently, the reporter learned from the on-site recruitment meeting held by the Municipal Human Resources and Labor Security Department that home building materials workers are more difficult to recruit. After the Spring Festival holiday, Zhangzhou building materials companies have gathered together. Ms. Li, a person in charge of recruitment for Taowei, said that at present, the home building materials enterprise is “lack of elites”. Among the job seekers, “there are more college students, and there are also some skilled people, but very few... I hope that recruits will be recruited in March. a little".

Since the end of last year, the home building materials industry has frequently experienced the phenomenon of high-level personnel turnover and the loss of elite talents. Some home building materials companies have posted their recruitment information. Whether it is the group members in the home building materials industry, or the recruitment announcement, the information on talent demand is endless. Just after the Spring Festival, it just ushered in the peak period of job hunting every year. Before the frequent elites of building materials enterprises left their posts, they provided a vast employment space for the unemployed white-collar elite and the graduating graduates. Therefore, job application has become one of the hot spots of people's attention after the holiday. An industry insider believes that workers with a long skill are very popular, and it is not difficult for them to find a satisfactory job in Ganzhou.

From the information feedback from the job fair, we can see that many home building materials companies offer a small number of jobs. However, in the job requirements, they generally require relevant industry or job experience, which limits the graduates to a certain extent. Job-seeking intentions, and some companies will indicate that they can receive outstanding graduates. Some building materials enterprise personnel managers are particularly important for job seekers. Liu Yan, a bathroom personnel administrative manager in Zhangzhou, said that at present, a brand of bathroom employees are mainly after 80 and 90, employees are avant-garde, and self-management awareness is relatively weak. When people are concerned, they will consider the issue of stability. He said that he pays special attention to work experience and personal character.

Mr. Liu told reporters that in Yucheng, the home building materials enterprise “lack of elites”, when will it change? It seems that increasing the training of skilled personnel has become a top priority.

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