The role of temperature shock test chamber in military shipboard equipment

As navies around the world pay more and more attention to the impact resistance of shipborne equipment, how to use economical and effective means to simulate the ship's underwater non-contact explosion impact environment, and evaluate and evaluate the impact resistance of shipborne equipment has become a ship An important issue that must be solved in the study of ship's impact resistance technology. At present, the actual ship explosion test, virtual impact test and equipment impact test are the three main methods for assessing and evaluating the impact resistance of shipborne equipment. Comparatively speaking, the impact test system (referred to as the temperature impact test box) has outstanding advantages such as less environmental damage, flexible test methods, and good repeatability. It has become a commonly used method for equipment impact tests in navies of developed countries. -901, BV043 / 85 and other impact test standards specifically proposed relevant test methods and requirements.

The role of temperature shock test chamber in military shipboard equipment

At present, various forms of temperature shock test chambers have been developed at home and abroad. According to different impact test methods, the impact test box can be divided into impact waveform simulation test box and impact response spectrum simulation test box. According to the different bearing capacity, the impact test box can be divided into light weight, middle weight and floating impact test bench. In addition, the shock test chamber can also be divided into a single-wave shock test machine and a double-wave (positive wave + negative wave) shock test chamber. The former mainly uses a half-sine wave to simulate the shock wave of underwater explosion, and the latter uses positive and negative double The half-sine wave form simulates the shock wave of underwater explosion and the pulsation of the bubble immediately following it, which is closer to the real shock environment of ship equipment in the underwater non-contact explosion than the former.

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