How to choose a real wood furniture that is really satisfactory

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In the current solid wood furniture market, how to choose a real value-for-money solid wood furniture?

1, look at the quality of the paint on the furniture surface

The most feared of solid wood furniture is water and fire. So look carefully at the furniture where there is no place to paint, the key points: the top and bottom of the cabinet door, the interior of the large cabinet. Touch the painted surface by hand to see if there are burrs or bubbles.

2, look at the details of the furniture drawer

The drawer should be solid and secure with the screws tightened inside. It is a good idea to open the drawers, the event table, the doors and other parts to ensure that they can be used freely and properly connected. The bottom plate of the drawer has a certain thickness, and the bottom plate of the drawer is connected by a groove instead of a nail.

3, look at the tree species - a very influential factor in the price of solid wood furniture.

What kind of wood is made of wood, which directly affects price and quality. From the cheapest pine, eucalyptus, to expensive mahogany, the price difference is dozens of times. Therefore, do not consider the tree species because it is solid wood. After all, solid wood like pine, in addition to environmental protection, performance is much worse than the artificial board.

4, to determine whether it is really made of solid wood

Mainly watch the door panels and side panels, they are the testimony of the solid wood furniture craftsmanship.

Tips: knots, wood grain and cross section

Scarred: Look at the location of the scared side, and then find the corresponding pattern on the other side.

Wood grain: The appearance looks like a pattern, so the position of the pattern change corresponds to the corresponding pattern on the back of the cabinet door. If the correspondence is very good, it is pure solid wood.

Section: The color of the section is deeper than the panel, and it can be seen that it is made of whole piece of wood. This is the most representative feature of China's top ten solid wood.

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