Is the golden ratio of the wardrobe in Weibo suitable for everyone?

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Recently, a "golden proportion of the wardrobe , your home is up to standard?" Weibo is very hot, the decorators have forwarded and regarded as a wardrobe custom book. Then, the proportion of the wardrobe gold that is circulated by the Internet is really the best wardrobe. Recently, the reporter interviewed a number of well-known brand wardrobe professionals.

Wardrobe golden ratio

Wardrobe golden ratio microblogging crazy biography

The reporter saw that in the golden proportion of the wardrobe that was widely spread on Weibo, the seven areas of the wardrobe and the height (width) of the baseboard were strictly regulated. For example, the height of the reclamation area should be 400-500mm; the top area: height 1000-1200mm; drawer: width 400-800mm; Baibao: single layer height 80-100mm; stacking area: height 350mm-500mm; long clothing area : Height: 1400-1700mm; baseboard: height 80-100mm; pants rack: height 80-100mm.

"Collection, immediately use the decoration ", "good things, must turn" ... The reporter found that this microblog has been reprinted numerous times in a short period of time.

The golden ratio can be referenced but not copied

Experts told reporters that although the golden ratio of the wardrobe can be referred to, it does not need to be copied. "The size of the wardrobe and the proportion of each area are also customized according to the size of the home and the height, size and dressing style of the family. For example, if you and your family are taller, you can appropriately lengthen the height of the top. For example, I have encountered some family clothes that are basically hung up instead of folded, which can reduce the stacking area accordingly. Area."

More accurate wardrobe ratio in the industry

According to reports, in fact, in the wardrobe industry, there is a more detailed proportion of the wardrobe gold ratio than the network. For example, in the tops area, the middle finger of the wardrobe gold ratio gives the ratio of “high 1000-1200mm”. In fact, the between the clothes rail and the top of the Cabinet should not be less than 60mm. Otherwise, it is not convenient to take the hanger; the clothes rail cannot be between the bottom plate. Less than 900mm, otherwise the clothes will be dragged to the bottom plate. In addition, the distance from the clothes rail to the ground should not exceed 1800mm, otherwise it is not convenient to take.

In addition, the golden ratio of this wardrobe mainly refers to the height of each area of ​​the wardrobe, so the width? According to industry insiders, in general, the length of the long clothes area is 450mm, which is enough for one person. If the population is large, it can be added appropriately. width. The width of the cabinet in the stacking area should be between 330 and 400 mm, which is based on the width of the folded garment.

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