Different skin masks recommend fashion men

For all skin care, cleaning is king. Especially for men, choosing a cleansing mask can clean the skin well and remove the old dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin surface.

1, clean the mask

Different skin masks recommend fashion men

Origins Yuemu Source Activated Cleansing Mask

Ten minutes of rapid clearing: a short-term skin deep clear mask. It takes only ten minutes to quickly absorb various residues in the pores and keep the pores open. Suitable for all skin types, especially oily skin. The Hong Kong and Taiwan area is also known as the "Clay Doll Activated Carbon Mask".

2, deep cleansing and cleansing

The air pollution in the city is serious. Every day, working on the computer with makeup for 8 hours, computer radiation, makeup residue and so on threaten the health of the skin. Especially in the hot air environment in the summer and the hot air in the winter, the temperature change will make the pores of the skin in a micro-flat state at any time, so that the skin will accumulate oil, dust, bacteria and the like, so pay attention to regular deep cleaning and keep the pores clean. Smooth, healthy metabolism of the skin.

Activated carbon: Like the magnet, it deeply absorbs too much oil, dirt and toxins deep in the pores, clears the pores, protects the skin from the outside and reduces the formation of acne.

Different skin masks recommend fashion men

CLARINS Clarins Constant Moisturizing Mask

A washable face mask is also available. Ample cream texture, comfortable and pleasant application and wrapping, long-lasting application will not dry and agglomerate. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to restore the skin's ideal moisturizing environment, smoothing the fine lines formed by dryness, and even if you can use it at any time around the eyes, it is an urgent care choice for water-deficient skin.

3, rejuvenation mask

The role of the Renewal Mask is to sweep away the dullness and brighten the complexion. When you work long hours, stay up all night, or suffer from tired and dull skin due to smoking and drinking, you can use the Renewal Mask to brighten your skin in a short time.

Different skin masks recommend fashion men

PTR Petrov Brightening Bubble Mask

A "bubble" mask that exudes a unique light to the skin. It is highly effective, brightening, moisturizing and anti-oxidant. The patented ingredient FIFLOW® transports oxygen to skin cells damaged by environmental factors, bringing out carbon dioxide and changing the skin. It is meticulous and bright.

SYMWHITETM, GIGAWHITETM and a variety of botanical ingredients such as bearberry, mulberry and other vitamins C help brighten skin and reduce pigmentation caused by UV light. Suitable for all skin types.

Different skin masks recommend fashion men

When using a mask on weekdays, there are some places to pay special attention to:

1. Do a good job of cleansing the face before use. Remove the dirt from the pores on the face thoroughly, and use the warm water to expand the pores. When applying the face, it can achieve better results.

2, when applying the mask, the concave part under the convex part of the face such as the tibia, chin, etc. should be completely covered, and avoid the weaker skin around the eyes and lips.

3, mask as a supplement to daily skin care, generally used 1-2 times a week. If used too often, it tends to cause thickening of the stratum corneum, which changes the normal metabolism of our skin. It is easy to cause redness, sensitivity and other adverse reactions.

4, if the nourishing mask is used frequently, it is easy to cause acne, because the skin should get enough nutrients, and continue to add nutrients, that is, the nutrition is too strong, the skin can not absorb. It is also a waste! If you use a water-repellent paper film to moisturize the skin every day, this is okay, because most of these masks are based on water.

5, must not use toner before applying mask, toner and other ingredients in the toner will reduce the skin's skin benefits. >>>Easy 8 big steps to create popular nude makeup

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