Analysis of Ink Natural Enemies Continuous Ink Supply System

Continuous ink supply system for short supply, it is known as the best solution to save money, because the original ink cartridges are expensive, so many users with large print volume have used CISS systems to reduce printing. cost. After all, do we not need to even supply? What are its advantages and disadvantages? How to use it during use? ... We will now sort out some of the most common problems in the CISS system and answer them one by one.

1. What is a continuous ink supply system?

The so-called continuous ink supply system is actually an external compatible ink cartridge for user-friendly ink injection. This ink cartridge has a dedicated chip and a dedicated ink inlet. With this continuous ink supply system, the printer requires only a set of ink cartridges to print batch files, minimizing printing costs.

Most of the continuous ink supply systems currently on the market are for Epson and Canon products. This is mainly because the installation of a continuous ink supply system requires the refitting of the machine's ink cartridges, and Epson and Canon's ink cartridges are easier to refit. , which led to the current market, even the supply of ink cartridges to the majority of the two.

2. What is the difference between the continuous ink supply system and the use of ink filling and compatible ink cartridges?

All three methods are cheaper than buying original ink cartridges. Compatible ink cartridges are not manufactured by the original manufacturer, but are produced by a professional ink cartridge manufacturing company. The price is cheaper than the original ink. Ink filling is to inject the ink into the ink cartridge, and the original and compatible ink cartridges can be filled with ink, but this way The risk is relatively large. This kind of ink cartridge must be targeted at the print heads of different manufacturers at the time of purchase. Therefore, only the original manufacturer can produce and the price is generally higher. As for the continuous ink supply system, the ink is placed in another box. Connected to the ink cartridge, the ink cartridge directly obtains ink from the continuous-feed system when printing, and generally speaking, a user with a large print volume may consider using a continuous ink supply system.

3. What are the advantages of the continuous ink supply system?

So why is there a continuous ink supply system on the market? Where is its advantage? The most fundamental key is still the continuous ink supply system to save money. The low cost of continuous ink supply is the key to the problem. The reason why the continuous ink supply can save costs is mainly because the continuous ink supply system can replace the original consumables by filling the ink in the ink bottle instead of repeatedly purchasing expensive original ink cartridges. The cost of printing for a continuous ink supply system is very low, and sometimes even one-twentieth of the cost of original consumables can be used to print one page of documents. The average home user usually does not use this system because it does not consume much ink every month. Some commercial output users, such as printing companies, advertising companies, etc., have a soft spot for the continuous ink supply system because they print a large quantity each month. In general, the size of these companies will range from a few to 20 people. The company will generally use two or three printers. The monthly consumption of ink is about seven or eight sets. With the CISS ink system, it can save a lot of money for purchasing cartridges every month.

4. What are the disadvantages of the continuous ink supply system?

Although the continuous ink supply system saves money, some problems that are difficult to solve appear in the course of use. We have summarized the following points:

First, the printed pattern color cast; Second, the print out proofs lack of color; Third, sometimes the printed product leaks ink droplets, resulting in manuscripts scrapped; Fourth, sometimes the machine leaks ink; Fifth, the ink is a certain degree of waste.

As a plug-in product, the CISS ink system has changed the structure of the printer. The function of the printer cannot be fully realized, resulting in a malfunction. In addition, non-genuine genuine inks are not guaranteed due to production conditions and are easily mixed with impurities, which are the culprits in causing plugging. Installing a permanent chip to make the printer boot does not clean the print head, resulting in desperate cleaning after plugging, which can cause waste of printing paper and ink, and the fullness of the waste ink pad also easily damages the machine.

The above-mentioned continuous ink supply system has many disadvantages. If we can keep our eyes open when purchasing, we can avoid it when we use it normally. However, since the continuous ink supply system can save money, it will not We expect it to be as good as the original ink cartridges, which requires the attention of the purchaser.

5. Will the continuous ink supply system damage the machine?

Will the continuous use of the ink supply system cause damage to the machine over a long period of time? Machine damage generally occurs in the following situations: First, a mechanical or physical failure occurs in the drive system or the paper feeding system; second, the print head rapidly ages; third, the main board is burned.

We need to look at the quality and technology of the continuous ink supply system we use. In general, if there is a pipeline, physical problems such as hanging wires will occur. A good continuous ink supply system will generally solve. In addition, if you use a permanent chip, some boot cleaning print head will speed up the aging of the print head, as long as you take a better technology and permanent chip problems. If the quality of the ink is uneven, some will cause crystallization or plugging, and the continuous ink supply system will not have a very good filter device, and it will easily cause damage to the printer.

We adopt a good quality continuous ink supply system. All these problems can be solved. Therefore, we must configure a continuous ink supply system when purchasing. This will prevent the continuous ink supply system from damaging the machine.

6. What are the tips for purchasing a continuous ink supply system?

At present, even the ink supply system technology is not yet mature, and the quality of products is uneven. Some small and medium-sized distributors operate some kind of no-name products. These products are mostly three products, and the ink quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, we must purchase Choose mature technology manufacturers and quality guaranteed dealers.

7. How to install the continuous ink supply system?

Everyone knows the siphon principle, and this principle is used in the continuous ink supply system. When we install the continuous ink supply system, we must pay attention to the level of the external ink tank. If the level of the outer cartridge is lower than the position of the nozzle, the ink inside the nozzle will be in a negative pressure state. If the negative pressure is greater than the power provided by the nozzle mechanism to the ink, the printer cannot work normally. Conversely, if the liquid level of the outer ink cartridge is too high, the pressure on the print head will increase, which will easily cause the waste of ink, and more seriously damage the circuit board or mechanical parts in the printer, causing damage to the printer.

In general, the liquid level of the external ink tank is controlled to be slightly lower than the head portion, but it must be lower than the top of the internal ink tank. The optimum liquid level of the ink tank needs to be adjusted during use. In order to prevent the waste ink from overflowing and damaging the printer during installation, we should also draw the waste ink tube from the printer. First, the external waste ink cartridge should be placed lower, and it is better to ensure that the newly added waste ink tube is the highest. The end does not exceed the height of the nozzle. In addition, the external waste ink cartridge must not be sealed but should be vented to the atmosphere. This will better protect our machine.

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