Buying wardrobes should pay attention to formaldehyde pollution and harm to human body

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] I believe that many decoration owners have long heard about the harm of formaldehyde. The main harm of formaldehyde is the stimulation of skin and mucous membranes. Formaldehyde is a protoplasmic substance that can bind to protein and has a serious respiratory tract when inhaled at high concentration. Stimulation and edema, eye irritation, headache. And formaldehyde is also very harmful to pregnant women.

The air pollutants such as formaldehyde in the living room are mainly derived from various furniture, plates and various adhesives using composite wood as a base material. Like in the bedroom, the main source of formaldehyde is the wardrobe , the wardrobe is the largest furniture in the bedroom, and the amount of formaldehyde in the wardrobe sheet is directly related to the air pollution in the bedroom.

There are two reasons for the production of formaldehyde in the closet. When the wood itself is dry, formaldehyde is generated due to internal decomposition. The smaller the density of wood, the stronger the ability to disperse formaldehyde. Glue used for the bonding of sheet substrates is one of the main reasons for the production of formaldehyde. At present, the main glues on the market are urethane aldehyde glue and melamine glue. The production process of urethane aldehyde glue is simple, and the equipment requirements are not high. Most of them are produced by many small workshops, but the formaldehyde emission is large, but because of its low price. It is mainly used by wood board, medium and low density fiberboard when the substrate is bonded with a large amount of glue. The tripoly hydrogenamide glue is a new type of environmentally friendly glue, and its production process and equipment requirements are relatively high. The content is lower, but the price is much more expensive than urethane aldehyde glue, generally used for high-grade plates.

At present, the plates used for the production of the whole wardrobe are mainly solid wood particle board (also called particle board) and medium fiber board (also called medium density board). Good quality solid wood particle board and MDF board, formaldehyde emission is relatively small, the board is strong, heavy, withstand, strong pressure resistance.

In addition to the amount of formaldehyde in the wardrobe sheet, there is also an important reason that the edge of the wardrobe sheet is also affecting the volatilization of formaldehyde. The function of the edge of the wardrobe is to seal the cutting section and prevent the release of formaldehyde from the board. Many manufacturers of production wardrobes are in the right place. When the board is edge-sealed, in order to save production costs, the wardrobe panels are not completely sealed, and more formaldehyde pollution is formed earlier.

The emission of formaldehyde in the closet is a very slow process. The melting of a new home is 3 to 4 years after the renovation. The formaldehyde pollution is the most serious during the 4 to 6 months of the renovated house, and the time of formaldehyde damage The length is based on different objective conditions. That is to say, according to how much wooden furniture is in the house and what kind of paint is used.

The thickness of the wardrobe sheet also directly affects the diffusion time of formaldehyde. If the wardrobe sheet used is thick and thick, the diffusion time of formaldehyde will be prolonged. In general, the shortest impact is 5 years after renovation and up to 10 years.

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