Branded wardrobe purchase spicy regulations

[ China Wardrobe ] Facing the dazzling brand in the home market, the uneven quality and the different prices, do you feel that you have no choice but to choose when you first enter the wardrobe to buy Jianghu? Or purchase, you There is always a little bit of peace of mind? The following simple and practical methods let us rest assured to buy.

First, talking products and prices

Do not think that the shopping guide will speak, the product will do, and that it is all about the truth.

What to say in the shopping guide, then what to look at. Follow the ideas, don't be afraid! But you have to turn around with questions. For example, two kinds of materials, the shopping guide said "this is very good, the same is the same", what do you think? You may wish to compare the prices of the two materials, different prices often remind us of the difference between "this" and "that".

The feel and smell of the wardrobe can tell its quality, oh, smell the jade, the true meaning of the sensory experience.

Second, verify the identity of the body's anti-counterfeiting

Brand-brand stores may also have non-branded things, and bad is bad on the boss's conscience. How to avoid buying dog meat in the sheep shop? The key is the anti-counterfeiting label. For a strong brand, anti-counterfeiting work must be nuanced. Edge banding, sheet metal, hardware accessories, at least these three (| basically these three cover all), the body must be branded.

Third, the patented product is loaded with personalized home

Chinese furniture is rare and has the strength to do research and development. If you run into it, you must seize it. Compared with all the people, the unique products can bring you a different home environment.

Fourth, the details of the design, easy to use and comfortable

Wardrobes must be practical, and small places are especially important - this is the key to comfort in the future. A table, a chair, a drawer, a trousers, a ... small place to see the famous hall, different details may be the essence of the brand's painstaking attention and improvement.

Five, order inquiry, consumption people in the E era

This year, you are still invoicing, signing a contract, of course, these need to be done, but the careful brand also prepares a more convenient and accurate dinner for the customers - online order inquiry, keep an eye on the order status. This is the thing that must be known in the E-era, the essential brand of the brand, and the consumer.

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