Understand the use and quality of paper

They are generally divided into six categories according to their purpose: printing paper and paperboard; writing, drawing and copying paper and paperboard; packaging paper and paperboard; living, sanitary and decorative paper and paperboard; technical paper and paperboard Class; processed paper base paper.

Printing paper and cardboard

1, coated printing paper and cardboard

Offset printing coated paper, offset printing coating base paper, coated stamp paper, coated stamp base paper, coated white paperboard, low specific offset printing coated paper, embossed offset printing coated paper, cast coated paper, cast coating Paper base paper, cast coated white paperboard, cast white paperboard base paper, matte print coated paper, coated paperboard, coated boxboard, and low specific gravity gravure coated paper.

2, non-coated printing paper and cardboard

There are newsprint, dictionary paper, map paper, sea drawings, offset book paper, letterpress printing paper, elementary and middle school students textbook paper, offset printing paper, single-sided offset printing paper, cover paper, placards, white cardboard, mica paper, Intaglio printing paper, bond paper, postage stamp paper, government paper, braille printing paper, playing card face paper, weekly newspaper, thin letterpress paper, single-sided cover paper, postcard paper jam, banknote paper, train ticket paper, ticket paper, cover paper board , envelope cardboard.

Culture, Art, Tissue and Cardboard

1 writing paper

There are typing paper, drawing paper, rice paper, writing paper, single-sided writing paper (glossy paper), drawing paper, watercolor paper, sketch drawing paper, charcoal drawing paper, double red paper, striped writing paper, account paper, burr paper, Even the history of paper, leather paper, water, paper, oil painting paper, blotting paper, red paper.

2, copy paper

There are tracing paper, stylus wax paper base paper, dry electrostatic copy paper, blueprint base paper, dry diazo photosensitive paper, carbon copy paper, typed carbon paper, carbonless copy paper, two low-cut base paper, electrostatic copy tracing paper, typed wax paper base paper, and seal printing Paper, typing wax paper liner, thermal copy paper, static plate paper, carbonless paper.

3, sanitary paper

There are sanitary napkins, wrinkle toilet paper, diapers, thin non-woven fabrics, rodent paper, plaster paper, cotton wool paper, water-soluble medical paper, tissue paper, wet tissue paper.

4, household paper

There are shoe-making cardboard, weaving base paper, paper insole, black photo paperboard, tablecloth paper, cloth cloth, kitchen paper, fragrant paper, mirror paper, petticoat paper.

5, decorative paper

There are decals, decals, waxed paper, decorative base paper, wax base paper, wallpaper base paper, plastic wallpaper, wrinkled base paper, non-drying collagen paper, plastic cardboard, gypsum board, bottom paper, surface paper, ceramics Film decals, ceramic film decals, metal decals, metal decals, enamel decals,

Packaging paper and cardboard

1, general packaging paper

There are paper bags, kraft paper, egg paper, aluminum foil, paper, needle paper, translucent paper, stripe kraft paper, film protection base paper, match paper, neutral packaging paper, stretch paper bag paper, thin paper packaging paper, ordinary packaging paper, Stripe wrap, agricultural wrap, soap wrap, wrinkle tire wrap, kraft wrap, aluminum wrap, wrap paper, weilun paper composite packaging material, recycled kraft paper, recycled cement bag paper, waterproof bag paper, Phosphorus fertilizer bag paper, recycled wrinkled envelope paper, wrapping paper, kraft paperboard, gray liner paper, blue sandpaper, composite wrinkle base paper, mechanism white paper, empty aluminum base paper, vacuum aluminum paper, film liner paper.

2, special packaging paper

Industrial parchment, parchment parchment, industrial parchment base paper, parchment parchment, neutral paraffin paper, neutral paraffin base paper, cellophane, striped tar base paper, striped tar paper, bitumen moisture base paper, vapor-phase moisture-proof paper, vapor phase defense Rust base paper, black opaque paper, sodium benzoate rust-proof paper, neutral plastic wax moisture-proof wrapping paper, clip line tar paper.

3, food packaging paper

Food parchment, food parchment base paper, candy packaging base paper, popsicle wrapping paper, imitation parchment paper, general food packaging paper, oil-proof paper, composite materials for liquid food packaging, extruded candy wrap, oxygen-free composite packaging materials for pastry preservation Fresh-keeping oxygen-absorbing agent bags for cakes.

4, packaging cardboard

Single-side white board, cardboard, yellow board, neutral board, box board, kraft box board, corrugated board, standard board, box board, tea board board, match box board, matchbox box board, double-side board, Blue cardboard.

Technical paper and cardboard

1. Paper and cardboard for testing and information recording

Information processing unpunched tape, perforated electric newspaper, computer continuous recording format base paper, industrial automation instrumentation recording paper, electrocardiogram drawing, continuous format paper for information processing, single page teletyped paper, punched cardboard, wet Sonar recording paper, EDM recording base paper, red translucent force recording paper, white translucent force recording paper. Deep Well Water Resistant Recording Paper, Thermal Fax Paper, Deep Well Polyester Cardboard, Deep Well Pressure Recording Paper, Electroencephalogram, Low Voltage Electrosensitive Paper, Oscillographic Recording Paper, Electroacoustic Paper, Force Sense Paper, Weather Paper, Calibration meter ink ribbon paper, thermal recording paper, electrocardiogram base paper, sparks fax paper, sparkle fax paper, pH paper base paper, hydrogen sulfide analysis paper, carbon paper, wet electrochemical recording paper, acoustic core paper, instrument records Base paper, potassium chloride recording paper, punched recording paper, electrostatic aunt paper.

2, over the use of paper and cardboard

Quantitative filter paper, qualitative filter paper, filter paperboard, non-heat-sealing tea filter paper, chromatographic analysis filter paper, industrial filter paper, oil filter paper base paper, J-140 oil filter paper, WJ-140 oil filter paper, J-85 oil filter paper, 5um fine diesel oil Filter Paper, C-170 Diesel Filter Paper, Diesel Filter Paper Base Paper, Oil Filter Paper, WC-150 Fuel Filter Paper, HM-180 Aviation Filter Paper, J-180 Cotton Rubber Filter Paper, M-150 Cotton Rubber Filter Paper, Unleached 530 Filter Paper, Heat Seal Tea Filter paper, K-120 air filter paper, K-280 air filter paper, K-80 air filter paper, No. 1 filter paper, No. 2 filter paper, No. 1 micro filter paper, No. 2 micro filter paper, No. 3 micro filter paper, No. 01 air filter paper, 02 Air Filter Paper, No. 03 Air Filter Paper, No. 04 Air Filter Paper, No. 05 Air Filter Paper, No. S-06 Air Filter Paper, Desert Air Filter Paper, MH-530 Filter Paper, 1.5 Cotton Filter Paper, C-180 Cotton Diesel filter paper, NC-220 filter paper, wrinkle 220 filter paper, beer filter paper, sterilization filter paper, glass fiber filter paper, milk filter paper, water purification paper, cancer cell filter paper, filter paper for precision grinder, hydraulic oil filter paper, activated carbon filter paper, Radioactive gas measurement special activated carbon filter paper, containing Synthetic fiber filter paper, non-corrugated WG-59 filter paper, oil and gas separation filter paper, gap filter paper, filter paper for smoke meter, lead smoke filter paper, high temperature resistant air filter paper, ion exchange resin filled filter paper, cation exchange fiber filter paper, Uncoated antibacterial asbestos filter, membrane degerming liquid net filter, uncoated antibacterial liquid net filter, SI wrinkle filter paper, high-efficiency filter corrugated paper, type 69 gas mask filter paper, 69 -type purified air filter paper, 49-type purified air filter paper, 0.1um high-efficiency air filter paper, tea packaging paper, and three filter papers.

3, electrical insulation paper and cardboard

Dipping insulation paper, power cable paper, communication cable paper, semiconductor cable paper, telephone paper, electrical insulation paperboard, wound insulation paper, electrolytic capacitor paper, capacitor paper, corrugated cable paper, polyester composite insulation paper, double double density Dry Electrolytic Capacitor Paper, 110~330kV High Voltage Cable Paper, 500kV Extra High Voltage Cable Paper, Porcelain Capacitor Specialty Jam, Battery Separator Paper, Class H Electrical Insulation Paper, Battery Separator Paper, Self-extinguishing Dipping Insulation Paper, 50kV Electrical Room Insulation paper, 50kV oil liner insulation paper, insulation crepe paper, unimpregnated linerboard.

4, industrial and agricultural production of supporting paper and cardboard

There are red electro-optical gunnery paper, sliver tube steel paper, filter rod paper, cartridge paper, fuse paper, gravel base paper, explosive cigarette, hard steel board, soft steel board, steel paper tube, steel paper base paper, linoleum base paper, (General anesthesia) Cigarette paper, silkworm silk paper, jacquard paperboard, accordion paperboard, asphalt waterproof paperboard, plastic model paper, gold hot pressure copy paper, silver hot press paper, record hot press paper, cigar paper, cork paper, Cork paper, cigar base paper, cloth wheel paper, metallographic sandpaper, water-resistant sand paper base paper, clock face paper, adhesive paper, moisture-absorbing paper, paint paper base paper, wine bottles, bottle-neck sealing gasket paper, rice seedling transplanting paper, Sugar beet seedling paper, onion paper, seedling base paper, black hot press paper, PVC heat seal paper, battery blotting paper, parchment paper, 501 perforated black tape, photographic film liner, woolen specialty paper, wax stalk match paper, grinding Film base paper.

5, other technical paper

There are dental meshed paper, blood test strips, stomach cancer test paper, fracture fixed clip board, fire-retardant paper, carbon-filled insulation paper, water-soluble paper, quick-burning paper, bacterial culture paper, heat-resistant heat-insulating paper, and font-type cardboard.

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