In the spring, this whitening is effective and whitening.

The recovery of all things in spring is the time when the skin is fully embraced. Of course, it is also the best time to start whitening. Who wouldn't want to let themselves be beautiful and white for a spring and summer? But you know, whitening is also looking for cosmetics , and the whitening secrets that you have carefully prepared for your whitening must not be missed.

First, moisturizing whitening must take care of

As the temperature rises slowly in the spring, the keratin accumulation in winter can cause the surface of the skin to be rough and dark. Therefore, it is necessary to whiten the skin in the spring, but you must do clean homework before whitening, so as to ensure the skin's absorption of whitening products. And the weather in spring does not become chapped, so we must also add enough water to the skin.

Second, high-concentration skin whitening products should be careful

For the impetuous whitening family, whitening products containing high concentrations of high-dose medical grade whitening ingredients, because of very clear clinical experimental data, whitening speed is relatively fast, can be used in winter. However, when you want to use this type of whitening savior, you have to consider whether your own skin quality can withstand such a powerful whitening ingredient.

Third, how to whiten and not do?

In many whitening products, especially those containing alcohol (acid) and vitamin C, it can cause slight water shortage. Therefore, when using whitening products, you must do a moisturizing job. You can use the moisturizing essence to nourish the skin before using the whitening sunscreen, or use a moisturizing whitening cream.

4. Can summer sunscreen products be extended to winter?

Whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, sunny and cloudy, indoor and outdoor, ultraviolet rays are everywhere, so be sure to use sunscreen, and use sunscreen skin care products with proper sun protection and comfortable texture. The sunscreen quality in summer is refreshing, the sun protection index is relatively high, and it has oil control and anti-sweat effects. It is suitable for use under the sun, but it is not suitable for winters that are dry and cold, and weak in ultraviolet rays.

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