The skin does not absorb skin care is a cloud

The skin does not absorb skin care are the clouds

Once, the lotion was shot twice, and the face was still more than peach. But now I took it four or five times in one breath, and I didn’t see where the skin was hydrated. The various kinds of essences that cost a lot of money, I have to invest in it, I will Press, circle, push horizontally, Tai Chi effort to do it, but still helplessly found that the facial skin is getting rougher, easier to dry, the skin is not radiant, some small wrinkles do not know when they have climbed the corners of the eyes and forehead.

Today, women spend more and more money on skin care. Many skin care products are often under the banner of deep nourishment, but the skin after the nourishing products, rough and yellow, large pores, fine lines, aging and other issues are still around. It turns out that the excess skin of the “Shan Zhen Hai Wei” has no appetite, and it is not strong or difficult to absorb. Nutrition can not be transported to deep cell tissue in time, staying on the surface of the skin but blocking the pores of the breath. So, is it beauty or disfigurement?

Nourish effective! First open the skin to absorb

The nutrients supplied to the skin are like tickles through the boots. Moisture is moisturizing, which is not very thorough. To solve the problem of “cultivating” the boots, now add another step to skin care! As a research and development concept based on the "real needs of the skin", the company's Gemini brand, Chunji, pioneered the introduction of Chunji Wugujing pure smooth muscle base, the extraordinary power from Jingchun Grain, and its rich variety of skin care. Jinghua, the most natural and pure nature, is the most preferential nutrient for the cells.

Everyone knows that whole grains contain not only the essential energy groups of the human body, but also the most important tower base in the pyramidal structure of nutritious skin. These endless treasures of heaven and earth synthesize all kinds of essences in a bio-specific way, but in fact each nutrient has its own different characteristics. Global medical and skin care experts agree that natural grains contain a lot of vitamins, cellulose, amino acids and various trace elements. They are the foundation for young, healthy, delicate and smooth skin. If these elements are missing, the skin will be rough and light. Aging, a variety of skin problems emerge one after another.

Pure grain, tender and smooth skin

In the skin care process, it is often used in conjunction with "shooting", "steaming", "pressing" and the like, the purpose of which is to increase the absorption of the skin. Without good absorption, more nutrients will only increase the burden on the skin and cause residue. How should this small electric motor be wound up? The effect of skin care products can be maximized. This requires the establishment of a direct transmission channel, nutrients directly into the skin through the pores of the breath, without the need to increase the amount of skin can also absorb the skin. The metabolism of the skin is accelerated, and the nutrients can be absorbed by the body. Carelessly maintain your skin and become more beautiful!

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