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Guide: Living room feng shui is the most important part of Feng Shui in Yangzhai (ie house). The good or bad of a family's overall house transportation, whether it is the rebellion of the career promotion, the number of transportation, the good fortune of the family, the depth of the relationship between the husband and the wife, the reading of the children, the fortune of the examination, or the health status, are generally feng shui from the living room. Decided. It is obvious that the living room feng shui is the core of Feng Shui in Yangzhai, and its importance is of course unparalleled. So let's take a look at the coup to improve the living room feng shui. Pay more attention to the decoration!

First move position

The living room is best located in the front half of the home near the gate to directly absorb the gas entering from the gate. If you have to go through a corridor to get to the living room, then the corridor must be kept clean and tidy, and the lighting must be sufficient to prevent the gas from entering the living room. If it is a mezzanine house design, the living room should be on the lower floor.

2nd stroke pattern

The pattern of the living room is preferably square or rectangular, the seating area cannot be washed into the corner of the room, and the sofa cannot be pressed. If there is a prominent corner of the house to release the dark arrow, you can set up a bonsai or furniture solution. If the living room is L-shaped, it can be divided into two square areas by furniture and treated as two separate rooms.

The third move adjusts the decoration

Sharp objects such as swords, firearms, medals, and animal specimens should not be hung on the wall. Because these items can produce yin, leading to quarrels or violent behavior. In the same way, table lamps or decorations with a horn can be avoided.

4th trick Feng Shui

The furnishings of the living room are mainly determined by the lifestyle and aesthetics of the occupants. It is best to consult a professional feng shui master. Any feng shui mascot must be placed according to the position of the eighth in life but the individual's life.

5th stroke color

The main color of the living room is not the main factor in the layout of Feng Shui. The most important thing is the balance of energy achieved by the pattern and the five elements of Sangke. For example, if the living room is located in the southwest or northeast of the house, the yellow system is applied; if it is located in the southeast or the east, the green system is applied; in the north, the blue system is used; in the south, the red system is applied; in the northwest or the west, the application White, silver or gold.

The sixth stroke of the living room, different orientations, different fortune

Zhengdong, green → health transport

The East is related to the health of the occupants. Place lush vegetation in this area to promote the health and longevity of your family.


The descendants of the Western relationship are the fortune, the five elements are gold, and the favorite colors are white, gold and silver. Metal carvings, six-column hollow metal wind chimes, TV and stereo are all suitable for this area.

Zhengnan, red → sound name

The layout of Feng Shui in the south will bring fame and recognition to the family, especially the parents responsible for their livelihood. The south is a fire, and the color is red. If you must put a mirror in this position, be sure to put a small mirror, because the mirror is water, and the water will extinguish the fire, which is not good for the reputation.

North, black and blue → career

Check the layout of the living room in the north. The north represents the cause of business, and it belongs to the water line. The color of the use is blue or black. The placement of water-containing items in this orientation helps the occupants' careers, such as fish tanks, landscape paintings, and waterwheels.

North and South, yellow → Wenchang Yun

There are children who are going to take the test. It is best to pay attention to the feng shui layout in this position. This area is earthy, and the colors used are yellow and earthy. Earthy items such as ceramic vases are suitable for enhancing the energy of this area.

Northwest, white → Wenchang Yun

Strengthening the energy of the northwest orientation of the living room helps to increase the number of people and relationships. This area is gold, so it is suitable for white, gold or silver metal ornaments, such as metal carvings or table lamps with metal bases and white round shades.

Southeast, green → fortune

The southeast side of the living room represents the family's financial position. The five elements belong to the wood, and the color of the use is green. Therefore, the items that are wood in this direction can have a lucky effect, and the green plants with round leaves have the best effect. Never put dry flowers because the yin is too heavy. It is also very suitable for fish tanks, because water can raise trees. It should be noted that the size of the fish tank should be matched with the living room space. It is not suitable for too large or too small.

Southwest, yellow → peach blossom

If you want to promote marriage or love fortune, then the orientation of the living room is the most important. The southwestern azimuth belongs to the soil, and the catalytic method is the same as that of the northeast. Place a chandelier-type table lamp here to increase energy and promote harmony between husband and wife; natural crystal and family portrait [new news price unit reviews] photos have the same effect.

The seventh move should not be dark

The living room Feng Shui's first heavy sun [new news price unit rating] is sufficient, bright lights, bright living room, the main house is full of luck, everything is satisfactory. It is not advisable to choose too dark shades in the living room to avoid faint home transportation. It is not advisable to place too many, too high or too dense pots on the balcony to avoid obstructing light.

The 8th move door should not be straight out or straight to the bathroom

If you walk through the hall or go to the bathroom, you will damage your family's fortune, make people's money go into business, or make money investment mistakes. Therefore, it is best to use screens or cabinets in the living room to separate and transport Nafo.

The 9th stroke is not suitable for hanging mirrors

Diagonal safety mirrors are easy to hinder the family's fortune; bad fortune, bad fortune, accidental disasters, even the loss of the nobles, the loss of opportunities.

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